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How to Make Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

How to Make Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

There are so many crafts you can do with recycled materials. One of them is candy wrapper purses, which have been featured in many magazines and movies like "Sex and the City 2." Just as the name explicitly states, these purses are made out of candy wrappers, although you can also use bags of chips because they have the same texture and bright colors. Besides a small clutch purse, you can make a large shoulder bag once you have mastered the basics. If you want to create your own, follow these steps on how to make purses out of candy wrappers:

  1. Gather the following tools and materials:

    a. Cardboard

    b. Candy wrappers with slick plastic coating

    c. Old magazine

    d. Baby crochet yarn

    e. Old credit card

    f. Popsicle stick

    g. Tweezers

    h. Scissors



    j. Ruler

    k. Paper towels

  2. Clean the candy wrappers. Remove any crumbs and wipe off any grease.

  3. Cut out a cardboard stencil measuring 2 by 4 ¼ inches. This will serve as your guide to cut the candy wrappers.

  4. Using the cardboard stencil, cut out rectangles from the candy wrappers. If you have a paper trimmer or rotary cutter, the task becomes a lot easier. You have to cut at least 250 to make a small purse.

  5. Do the same with the old magazines. More durable than candy wrappers, the magazine paper adds reinforcement to your candy wrapper chain.

  6. Put the magazine rectangles on top of the candy wrapper rectangles. Using a popsicle stick, you can create a candy wrapper chain in a hot dog style. If you have made a Starburst bracelet before, that is pretty much the same technique. If you are not familiar with it, take note of the following instructions:

    a. Fold the wrapper and old magazine rectangles in half hot dog style so that they form an even thinner rectangle.

    b. Open them up and fold both edges to the middle.

    c. Fold both flaps together to create a narrow strand.

    d. Fold the narrow strand in half and fold both sides to the center where the crease was made.

    e. Fold the two halves together to create a small rectangle.

    f. Repeat this process with all the rectangle pieces.

  7. Using tweezers, assemble all the wrappers into a long chain.

    a. Take two rectangular pieces and slightly open the first one's folds.

    b. Slide the ends of the second rectangular piece through the two holes of the first one and pull it through.

    c. Open the creases of the second rectangle and insert the ends of the third rectangle to add another rectangle piece.

    d. Continue doing this until you have made a chain of 60 candy wrapper pieces. Make seven chains in total.

  8. Use an old credit card to make a needle to sew the chains together. The credit card needle should measure around ½ by 2 3/8 inches. Poke a hole on one end to serve as the eye of the needle. You can use thread or baby crochet yarn.

  9. To sew the chains together, bring the needle up through any chain and back down the other side and try a strong knot. You will weave the loose ends into the purse later on. If you run out of thread, just tie a square knot and continue sewing.

  10. Once you have gone all the through every chain to connect them, run the thread over the top of the purse rows to sew the other side of the purse. Sew the inside and outside of the purse, and then add the next row.

  11. Squeeze the bottom rows of your purse together using the same technique as above and pull tightly to stitch it closed.

Just like any other craft, learning how to make purses out of candy wrappers requires time and effort to master. But once you succeed, you can flaunt it anywhere or give it to loved one as a personalized gift.


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