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How to Make Raw Dog Food

How to Make Raw Dog Food

Dogs were originally wild meat eaters.  They were just domesticated as we made them our household pets.  In the wild, they definitely fed on any animals available. To adopt this natural scenario, learn how to make raw dog food.  This is a kind of dog food that your pet will love from time to time. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  1. Ground beef or ground pork is ideal to make a patty.  Mix two portions of ground meat with a portion of any vegetable, such as carrots, cabbage or broccoli, and a portion of sweet potato or any carbohydrate.  Place the vegetables and starch in a processor and mix with the ground meat.  Add three eggs and goat cheese and mix it thoroughly.  You can easily make a patty by hand with this mixture. Make round ones, flatten them and put plastic in between so they are easy to separate later. You can give these to your dog frozen or defrost them first in the microwave when it’s time for feeding. When served frozen, your dog will surely love to bite on them. When served defrosted, your pet will love munching them.


  2. Fresh from your butcher’s stall, get some pieces of bones with meat attached to them and give them to your dog. It will bite on the bones and play with them using its teeth, which can also be a good exercise for dentures and jaws. If you have to store some, freeze them to preserve the freshness. Many fear that raw meat might be infested by parasites such as tape worms and round worms. Freezing them can get rid of these parasites as the extreme cold will kill them. Do not include the gut portion of any animal meat as parasites can linger there.

  3. Do not be too afraid of Salmonella when you are confident of the meat source and your handling ability. Salmonella is a big concern for pet owners when giving raw meals to their dogs. A study among veterinarians shows that dogs are equipped with antibodies to fight whatever adversities Salmonella may offer. It is perfectly fine to give raw meals to your pet dog from time to time when they are in perfect condition.

  4. You can experiment on a recipe for making raw dog meals. Aside from pork or beef, you can use turkey, chicken or lamb. If the meat is tender, you can cut it into cubes or strips; if not, then it’s better to grind it.

  5. Some give raw meal the natural way, just like in the wild. Leave a newly dead rabbit near your dog and it will surely feast on it. You can also give chicken gizzard, heart or liver at times.  These are rich in vitamins and minerals that your dog can get nourishment from.

Ways on how to make raw dog food are easy as you practically just have to mix all the ingredients.  There is no need for cooking and processing, but you have to make sure you are giving your dog fresh raw meals. Giving it stale meat can make it sick and prone to parasites. Once in a while, it is still good for dogs to have raw dog food. They might even prefer it over the cooked dog food.


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