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How to Make Raw Dog Food that is Free of Parasites

How to Make Raw Dog Food that is Free of Parasites

Perhaps you have decided to feed your dog raw food to ensure a healthier and longer life. Sure enough, long before commercialized dog foods were invented, dogs were fed with what they could hunt and vegetation from their surroundings. Chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes were never heard of. However, nowadays you need to know how to make raw dog food that is free of parasites properly – because our fast-phased lifestyle can influence us to make convenient yet unhealthy decisions. Keep your dog out of trouble by making sure that the following guidelines are met:

  1. Know how to distinguish fresh meats from the spoiled ones at the market. This also applies to your choices of fruits and vegetables. They don’t have to be first class food as long as they are perfectly edible even for human beings. Once you’ve identified a good source, negotiate a pretty good deal with the vendor and become a loyal customer. Buy what your dog can consume for a week’s time and freeze the remaining stock by daily portions. Thaw only what will be consumed on that particular day, especially in regards to meat.

    rigerate the vegetables - carrots should last longer than spinach, so consume vegetables like spinach first.

  2. Do not limit your meat supply to fillet cuts only. Although grounded meats like ground pork are easier to mix or prepare, bony meats are very nutritional. The chicken’s wings, turkey’s neck, lamb’s back and the beef’s joints are pretty good choices. Dressed rabbits and quails can also make exceptional raw meals for your dog. Just be careful with the bones of the fish. They can really hurt your dog when accidentally swallowed without being chewed properly. In this case, fish bones are better removed before feeding them to your dog.

  3. Resort to green leafy vegetables when you are not sure what kind of vegetables your dog can take. You cannot go wrong with fresh celery, lettuce and parsley. Do not feed your dog too much broccoli. They can make your dog ill. Experiment with different kinds of fruits to determine the preferences of your dog. It can be any fruit from apples to oranges.

  4. Feed your dog a small amount of offal for added nutrition. Animal internal organs like livers and kidneys are some examples of beneficial offal for your dog. The ideal percentage for raw foods for your dog should not exceed 20% for offal, 25% for fruits and vegetables and 75% for the meats, including bones.

  5. Be creative in your food preparation just to create some varieties for your dog without changing the taste that it is already used to. You may request the butcher in your neighborhood to do the cutting and chopping for the meats and offal you purchased, especially when you obtain a whole rabbit or quail. Buy only what your freezer can accommodate so as to avoid spoilage.

There are actually no complicated tricks needed on how to make raw dog food that is free of parasites. It’s enough to know what to look for and be responsible in preparing them. It’s a poor decision to give deteriorating food to your pets because they are just animals. Besides, when they get sick, the hassles and financial damages can only affect you. Dogs that are cared for poorly can never serve their purpose in your household – may it be a mere companion or a guard dog


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