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how to make refrigerator magnets

how to make refrigerator magnets

Are you looking for ways on how to make refrigerator magnets? Look no further. Refrigerator magnets are everywhere, not just on refrigerators, and for good reason. They can be used on anything metallic, they’re very utilitarian, they are decorative and they are a simple and effective way to customize and personalize a space without causing damage. Refrigerator magnets – or rather, the decorations on them – can be made from just about anything that can be glued down. Here are a few examples. But first, the basics. Magnets for use on refrigerators can be different kinds. You can usually find small ones ideal for this project at craft stores. You can also use magnet strips, also sold in craft or hardware supply stores. And don’t forget magnetic business cards, pizza delivery or other advertising magnets that you can recycle or repurpose for your own unique refrigerator magnet. The glue you use must be the strong kind that comes in a tube, or you can use a glue gun. White craft glue won’t do, as it won’t work on the metal surface of the magnet, unless you’re pasting lightweight paper onto a business card magnet.

heless, experiment and see what works. Okay, on to the goodies.

  1. Flower magnets. These were a popular craft project a while back, and it’s still as attractive today as it was then. Find big silk or fabric flowers, pull off the blossoms from the wire stems (make sure the flowers stay together and glue the layers of petals together if necessary). Glue the bottom of the flower to the magnet, covering the entire surface of the magnet with petals so that no magnet shows. When placed on the refrigerator door, white board or other metallic surface, the riot of blooms and color will look very attractive and fun. Alternatively, you can use large, colorful yarn pompoms – less girly but still nice and playful.

  2. Clip magnets. You can paint or embellish wooden clothespins or bulldog clips and glue these onto magnets. When using these on the fridge, you can stick a piece of paper under the magnet and at the same time have another piece of paper hanging from the clothespin or clip. This is especially useful for thick wads of paper that you want to keep together but that a magnet can’t hold together by itself.

  3. Buttons, coins, tokens, seeds, pebbles, shells, small toys, etc. Anything small and lightweight can be glued onto magnets. These small items are especially meaningful when they are a memento of a trip, a special event or a special person. But even without attached significance, a pretty thing is a pretty thing, and will be useful as a refrigerator magnet.

  4. Bling magnets. If you have a collection of shiny, showy, super-big rhinestones, custom jewelry or anything glittery, you can stick these onto magnets and create a magnificent display of opulence on your refrigerator door.

  5. Inspiration gallery. You can print out quotes, inspiring sayings, Bible verses, etc., on business size cardstock and glue these to magnetic strips or business card magnets for a dose of inspiration everytime you go to the fridge. This might also be a good way to make a refrigerator magnet of your Weight Watchers Anonymous meeting schedules. ;-)

  6. Photo magnets. Craft stores and dollar stores sometimes sell tiny photo frames that you can stick a photo into and use as a magnet. If the frame is too large or heavy for one magnet to carry, use two or three.

  7. Scrapbook magnet. Okay, an entire scrapbook won’t work. Not even a mini album, probably. But many people make digital scrapbooks, and you can make a single-photo, business card-size layout using all digital elements, print it on photo paper, cut it out, laminate it, and paste or glue onto a business card magnet. Attractive, creative and personal.

These suggestions barely scrape the top of the barrel for other ideas you might develop. Nevertheless, they will get you well on your way to starting your adventure in how to make refrigerator magnets. Have loads of fun!


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