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how to make rosary beads

how to make rosary beads

Praying is integral to the everyday life of a spiritual individual. The rosary is considered to be an emblem for the Christian Catholic faith. It is both a powerful praying tool and a beautiful gift to give to a friend or a loved one, especially if it is lovingly made by hand. The rosary is a string of counting beads used as a guide to a structured prayer in devotion to the Virgin Mary, the holy mother of Jesus Christ and guiding saint to all those who seek divine help. In Latin, the word roughly translates to ‘a garland of roses’ as flowers are closely associated to the devotion of the Virgin Mary. If you want to have a more personal touch in your rosary, you can learn how to make rosary beads. Even though rosary beads tend to look ornate and intricate, making them is actually not as hard as it seems and rosary parts are easily available for both wholesale or retail. This means you can buy them in bulk should you decide to make a couple to give as gifts. Here are steps you can follow to make your very own set of rosary beads:

  1. Decide on the kind you want.

    /strong>There are several ways to make your rosary beads depending on the kind of rosary you want. Firstly, the beads can be made of wood, glass, plastic or any other material. Next, you should decide on the color or color scheme that you want as well as the coordination for the string, beads and cross. Also, you can choose to either make a string of beads or a chain of beads, either would require different materials and a different process of construction. Decide on all these factors before you purchase the materials.

  2. Purchase the materials. As mentioned, materials are readily available in wholesale or retail. The best advice to follow is to try making one set before making an entire batch if it is your first time. This way you can get used to the process before you take on the task of making several rosaries.

    Contact or visit your local art craft or hardware store to ask for the materials you need. The standard sets of materials you will need are the following:

    59 beads of the same, size, color and type (You can also decide to buy 53 of same kind, and buy six with a different size and color, always bigger, to use as the indicators for the change in prayers)

    String (if you want to make stringed beads)

    Eye pins (if you want to make chained beads)

    A cross (the size should be complimentary to the size of the beads)

    Other optional materials are rosary guides and gift bags, especially if you want to give them away or use them as heirlooms. It is also best to buy extra beads in case you damage or lose some during the process.

  3. Prepare your tools. You will need cutters, pliers and scissors. You could use a magnifying glass as well if you chose small beads. Make sure to be conscious of safety when using these tools, especially if you are making rosary beads with children.

  4. Prepare your cross. The most important thing is to check if your cross has a hole at the top. Try to buy one with a hole or loop in it already, but if not, bore a small hole carefully. Make sure your cross faces the right side when you start stringing or chaining your beads together.

  5. Group your beads. Group your beads into five sets of 10 for the decades, six beads for the markers and, lastly, a set of three.

  6. Start beading. If you want a chained rosary, start by attaching a loop (with the eye pin) to the cross. Use the straight edge to go through the hole of the crucifix, then with pliers, twist this to make another loop and lock the crucifix. Do the same for all the beads but make sure you attach them to each other before you twist and loop the straight edges of the eye pins and lock them together.

If you have decided to use string, simply string each element and lock it with a knot. Do this for the cross and for every bead. The chained rosary usually takes longer to make than the stringed one. Also, in teaching spirituality to your children, getting them involved in rosary-making is a great idea. Teaching children how to make rosary beads helps them value the rosary more and appreciate the anatomy of this powerful praying tool. Make sure to remind them that rosary beads are not toys or necklaces and must always be treated with care and respect.


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