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How to Make Rubber Stamps Easily

How to Make Rubber Stamps Easily

The process of how to make rubber stamps is pretty easy, as long as you have the necessary materials. For business use, rubber stamps usually show the logo and address of a corporation. Often, they have changeable parts so that the user can easily adjust the wordings, numbers, or dates on the rubber stamp. Most entrepreneurs and offices use stamps for incoming mail and communication and also to denote how to handle of papers. Some of the commercial rubber stamps you see around include office stamps and decorative stamps. As an industry, stamp making is now gaining popularity in the US. Thus, if you wish to try your luck in this field, let’s look at the steps that could be of help to you.

  1. Prepare the materials needed. Your primary materials are stamping rubber and a design. For the design, you can use magazines and old art books. You will also need a sharpened pencil, paper tape, pen, a piece of paper, ink pad, cardboard, and glue. Of course, don't forget to prepare a sharp utility knife.

  2. Make a design.

    Cutting a certain shape or design without guidelines is not recommended, save for those who have innate artistic skills. For a starter like you, it is suggested that you create a design first. See some old magazines, coloring books, and art books for shapes that you can easily use: a heart shape, flower, half-moon, star, or a diamond, for examples. Use sharp scissors to cut out the drawing.

  3. Pencil in the back of the drawing. Use a pencil with a thick point. This will help you trace the drawing image onto the stamping rubber. Make sure the entire image is heavily covered with lead.

  4. Transfer the image. The image should be facing up while on top of the stamping rubber. Secure the drawing with paper tape. Use a pen to trace the image. Carefully follow the drawing lines to make sure that the exact image is reflected onto the stamp. Thereafter, remove the drawing and trace the lines again onto the stamp using the same pen; this will make the lines more prominent.

  5. Carve out the stamping rubber. Any carving tool, like a utilityknife, will do as long as it is sharp. Begin carving in the tight sections without going too deep. Go straight on the rubber, rather than on the drawing lines. To keep the lines neat, rotate the rubber while appropriately holding the carving knife. Make sure not to go outside the lines.

  6. Attach the stamp to a cardboard. Use a sufficient amount of glue to attach the back of the stamp to some cardboard, which should be larger than the stamp itself. You can also use a piece of wood or rock, instead of cardboard.

  7. Test the rubber stamp. Open your ink pad and press the stamp onto it; then press the stamp on a paper to reflect the design.

As an added tip, you may want to learn how to cure the stamping rubber. The vulcanization process is necessary in order to maintain the solid state of the stamping rubber. When there is excessive heat, the rubber might break into pieces and thus become useless. Use a combination of sulfur and heat for vulcanization.  While sulfur helps in accelerating the process, heat cures the stamping rubber. Many people are interested in discovering the techniques of how to make rubber stamps easily. This form of art has become a well-accepted craft. In your case, this is the right time to try it and be a freelance artist. Who knows, rubber stamps could make you some money in the future.  


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