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How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry

How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry

You can make a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings using sea glass. You’ll probably stumble upon sea glass on the shoreline of any beach you visit. However, due to the pollution in the oceans, sea glass is becoming harder to find, but that may just increase its value because of its rarity. In addition, the smoothness, size, color, shape, and the absence of chips are all factors that determine value. If you happen to have some pieces of sea glass, you can try transforming them into jewelry. Here are the steps on how to make sea glass jewelry using drilling and wire wrapping techniques: Drilling Technique

  1. Gather the following materials and tools:

    A: 1 thin piece of sea glass

    B: 1 small and shallow plastic bowl

    C: A chain for a necklace or bracelet

    D: 1 cup of water

    E: 1 large jump ring

    F: A drill and dental drill bit

    G: Safety goggles

    H: Wire cutters

    I: Round nose pliers

  2. Mark the part of the sea glass where you want to drill a hole.


  3. Place the sea glass in a plastic bowl. Pour in 1 cup of water. Submerge the sea glass in the water. This step is important because sea glass is less brittle underwater, and there is a lower chance of it fracturing.

  4. Put on safety goggles as a precaution.

  5. Attach the dental drill bit to the drill and turn it on high. Firmly hold the sea glass with your fingers to keep it in place and start drilling. Apply a steady pressure but be careful not to break the glass. Stop every five seconds to let the sea glass cool off for a couple of seconds. Do this repeatedly until you have successfully drilled a hole in the glass.

  6. Put the jump ring in the hole and connect it to the chain. The chain can be any length that you want. Use the pliers to close the jump ring and make sure that the sea glass stays in place.

Wire Wrapping Technique
  1. Gather the following materials and tools:

    A: A piece of sea glass

    B: Flush cutters

    C: 20 or 22 gauge round wire

    D: Round nose pliers

    E: Chain noise pliers

    F: A pencil or ball point pen

  2. Cut the wire into two pieces, about 10-12 inches long.

  3. Cross the wires and make an X, and then twist them tightly together several times. To make sure that each twist is tight, use your thumbs to push them together every time you twist.

  4. Place the sea glass against the twisted wire. Take one of the bottom wire ends and cross it over the sea glass so it meets the opposite wire. Twist the two wires together as before around the sea glass.

  5. Push the twisted wire piece that you just made to the side of the glass to make an X-shaped intersection. Make sure that you keep the wire as close to the sea glass as possible so that it does not fall out later.

  6. Twist the other wires on opposite sides of the sea glass in the same way that you did it before, until you reach the top of the glass. Once on top, take the wire in front and another at the back. Twist them together at the top of the sea glass to make a stem. Wrap the other wires around them as tightly as you can.

  7. Cut the wire close to the top twist using flush cutters, but make sure that you leave enough wire for the bail. Tighten the twists to secure the glass. You can use your chain nose pliers to make S-shaped curves on the wires at the back of the sea glass since this part won’t show.

  8. To hang the sea glass jewelry on a chain, make a bail using the remaining wire and wrap the wire once in opposite directions around a pencil or ball pen. As for the ends of the wire, wrap them around the stem of the bail and cut off any excess wires. Remove the pencil and separate the two loops with your fingers. You can now hang the wire wrapped sea glass on a chain for your necklace or bracelet.

While the drilling technique does not require a lot of time to finish, it can be hard to drill without fracturing the sea glass. On the other hand, the wire wrapping technique can take a lot of time, but it preserves the beauty and integrity of the sea glass. Learning how to make sea glass jewelry takes some time to master, so keep on practicing and use the technique that works best for you.


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