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How to Make Sea Salt Scrub

How to Make Sea Salt Scrub

Epsom salt is the most popular sea salt scrub. It has relaxing properties that soothes millions. How to make sea salt scrub prepares you not only to make Epson but any salt that you desire. All salts will do for as long as there are no clumps in it. Texture wise, rock salts need to be powdered like iodized salts for smoother effect. Use these tips to create your own sea salt scrub:

  1. Ready one cup of sea salt of your choice, half cup of coconut oil as a base oil, one teaspoon of almond, vegetable or any nutritive oil, teaspoon of peppermint or other essential oil for supplements plus scent, one large glass or ceramic bowl and a jar to store your salt scrub. A glass jar is a good choice but a plastic one will be a good substitute if you are afraid of accidentally breaking it while in the shower – as long as it is hygienic. Note that a plastic jar will absorb the oils and should not be used for other solutions afterwards.

  2. Place the sea salt inside the glass bowl. Add the coconut oil while stirring constantly.

    Keep stirring to make sure that it’s consistent in spite of its thickness. A scrub does not need to be smooth to remove dead skin.

  3. Select the right oil that will give you your desired benefits. Popular nutritive oils are almond, grape seed, safflower oil, avocado, jojoba, peanut, sesame, rosehip, Macadamia nut, olive and sunflower oils. Add a teaspoon of your oil of choice and mix evenly with a spoon.

  4. Enhance your sea salt scrub benefits by adding a teaspoon of your essential oil of choice. On top of that, you can also create a preferred scent. Great options are lavender for relaxing, peppermint for an energizing mood, orange, lime or lemon for refreshing scent and sandalwood or vanilla for long-lasting effect. Stir properly after adding the essential oil.

  5. Add food coloring to your sea salt scrub making them visible for the necessary rinsing process. They won’t stain your skin but avoid getting them in contact with your clothes. Add one drop at a time and mix well after every drop. Examine to see if you have your desired shade before adding another drop of food coloring.

  6. Fill the storage bottle with your sea salt scrub and cover tightly when not in use. A bottle with a wide surface is good because you can easily scoop out salt scrub for your bath.

  7. Place the bottle on a stable shelf near the bath tub or shower. You can massage it in circular motions with your bare hands into your body or you can use a bath sponge if you wish. It can lighten dark areas like your elbows and knees, so make sure you spend some time in scrubbing those areas with this newly created sea salt scrub.

Rinse off with warm water and towel try with patting strokes to avoid irritation. You can trust that if you follow these recommendations on how to make sea salt scrub, your skin will not only be exfoliated but will also be moisturized by the oils without needing an after-shower lotion. Your skin will definitely be smooth and young-looking if scrubbed regularly with sea salt.


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