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How to Make Silicone Molds

How to Make Silicone Molds

Silicone molds are often used to create toys, figurines, model parts, and the like. These molds are used for projects or figures that require resin and plastic casting. If you are fond of using silicone molds on your projects, it might be helpful for you to know how to make silicone molds on your own. Most silicone molds are made of silicone rubber since it can be used with a wide variety of materials without sticking. One does not need a mold release agent with it. If you have silicone rubber, follow these steps to make a silicone mold:

  1. Decide on what object you want to copy, and build a molding box based on it. If you are making small, miniature pieces, you can use Legos to make your box walls and flatten a piece of modeling clay for use at the bottom of the box. If you want larger objects, you can use a sturdy cardboard or wood to make the bottom and box walls. The box should have a clearance of at least a quarter-inch on all sides.

  2. Mix a catalyst and half of the silicone RTV rubber. The final color of this mixture should be a pale version of the color of the catalyst.

    This will ensure that the mixture is completely mixed.

  3. Using a pencil or marker, mark the halfway point of your molding box. Use this mark when you pour the catalyst and silicone rubber mixture into the box.

  4. Get the model object and press it into the silicone rubber until it is half-covered with the mold. Make sure it does not touch the molding box. Let it dry overnight; around 12 hours will suffice.

  5. After 12 hours, mix the rest of the silicone rubber and pour the mixture into the molding box, thus covering the model object fully. Let it dry overnight.

  6. Take the box apart, separate the mold halves, and remove the model object. Fit the mold halves together and secure them using a rubber band.

  7. Using a utility knife or razor blade, carve a pouring hole on top of the mold, at the joining line of the two halves. The hole should be deep enough to pass through the rubber and reach the inside cavity.

You can also make a silicone mold using materials from your kitchen. You will only need to buy silicone caulking from your hardware store.
  1. Prepare the following:

    Silicone caulking Mineral spirits, similar to paint thinner. An alternative is white gas or camp stove fuel. Vaseline Cornstarch Play dough Latex gloves Model object Wax paper Mixing sticks Bent nail Drill Small box
Mixing cups
  1. Prepare the model object by covering it with Vaseline. To melt it and make it smoother, use a blow dryer.

  2. Cut the bottom of the small box and place the box with a hole over wax paper.

  3. Fill the bottom of the box with play dough. Make it thick enough so that it covers half of your model object. Once the base has been set up, place the object inside it.

  4. Once again, apply Vaseline on the play dough and the figure.

  5. Next, make the mold by mixing silicone caulk and corn starch in a cup using a 50:50 ratio.

  6. Add mineral spirits to the mixture and mix it well.

  7. Pour the mixture on the top of the mold base and level it out. You should let this set and dry for 5-15 minutes.

  8. You now have half of the mold. Flip it over and peel out the clay or play dough.

  9. Repeat the whole process again to make the other half of the mold.

Having learned how to make silicone molds, you can now make any of the shapes and figures you want.


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