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how to make silly bandz

how to make silly bandz

Robert Croak did not have the slightest idea that his Silly Bandz concept, which was initially produced for environmental campaigns, would have a huge business impact for children’s accessories. Silly Bandz, just like Zany Bandz, are elastic bands that can be casually worn as ordinary bands, but when taken off from the wrist, they will form into interesting, animal shapes and other objects. How to make Silly Bandz is not a trade secret. You can definitely make your own designs right in the comfort of your own home. Silly Bandz dominated the market in 2010. This was when children from all walks of life were anxious to get the latest collection. Dinosaurs, elephants, koalas, and other interesting replicas of selected things were represented in many varieties and colors. Children would then trade them with their friends in a big way. If you haven’t gotten hold of the tie dyed bands collection, why not try them yourself? Here’s how:

  1. Position yourself in an open space at your residence. It can be inside the house, but make sure that there’s good ventilation.

    a newspaper and tape all of its sides to the surface of your working table. This is where you’re going to place the wax paper. Tape that down as well.

  2. Attach the silicone tube into the sealing gun. Take note of any instructions that come with the package. Prepare some cake piping bags including the coupler set. Make sure to have the size 4 cake decorating tip, and refer to the coupler set product directions.

  3. With the cake piping bag placed flat on the table, add silicone by squeezing a teaspoon of it. This is on one side of the back only and very close to the tip.

  4. Use disposable gloves. You need to select two oil-based colors to create the tie-dye look.

  5. Using a new craft stick, squeeze another teaspoon of silicone for the other side of the bag as close as possible to the tip. Use a new craft stick to add and blend the second paint color to the silicone that is contained in the piping bag.

  6. Test the color by squeezing a bit of the mixture onto the newspaper from the piping bag. When satisfied with the color, trace the image with the mixed silicone supply you’ve created. The sketch of the image should be visible from the outside although placed under the wax paper.

  7. The silicone’s drying period is around 24 hours. Wait until then before you can already take out the tie-dyed shaped bracelet from the wax paper. Check for any imperfections when wearing it.

Just some words of caution: This product is not meant for the utilization by children less than 3 years old because there’s the danger of choking. The bands must not be worn tightly as well because this can cause a disruption in blood circulation. See to it that the sizes of the bracelets you make for your children are a bit loose and they are comfortable wearing them. Injuries in the veins of the hand can be avoided by not wearing numerous bands at one time. Now that you know how to make Silly Bandz, be alert in checking out with your children if they have fallen asleep while wearing them. This will prevent further blood circulation problems while they are in bed. Sometimes, children can be hard-headed, and they have the capability to hide things from you. Therefore, if you see any signs of health problems, have them take off the bracelets and then bring them to the doctor.


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