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How to Make Small Breast Look Bigger

How to Make Small Breast Look Bigger

While there are some women who are comfortable with their small breasts, many of them aspire to have bigger breasts. In reality, exercises and fixes geared towards having bigger breasts can take some time, which can make a lot of women impatient. If you want to have instant big boobs, the next best thing is to make your breasts look larger. So for those who like quick fixes for their upcoming date night, here are some ways on how to make small breast look bigger:

  1. Practice proper posture. You do not need to buy any type of bra or support for this. Simply straightening your back, pushing your shoulders back, and pushing your chest out can create the illusion of larger and perkier breasts. Proper posture also has other aesthetic benefits, as it helps you look slimmer, taller, and more confident. Continue doing this every day and not only will your breasts look bigger, but you will also look sexier and more attractive as well.

  2. Use bronzer to contour your breasts. Makeup is not only used for enhancing your facial features; it can also be used to make your small breasts look bigger.

    If you are wearing a low-cut top or dress, you can apply a darker shade of foundation and a bronzer on your cleavage to enhance it and make it look bigger.

  3. Wear breast-enhancing bras. There are many bra options for women who want to look like they have larger breasts. These bras can make your boobs look at least one cup larger. For instance, push-up bras bring the breasts closer together, creating cleavage. You can also wear padded bras that contain foam padding so that you will have fuller-looking breasts. You can also try gel, air, or water-padded bras to achieve the same but more natural effect. Be aware that these cost a bit more than other types of bras. Choose the type of bra that achieves the look that you want.

  4. Exercise. This may not be a quick fix, but exercising your chest and waist muscles can naturally perk up your boobs in the long run, not to mention that exercise is also very good for your health. You can enhance your pectoral—or chest—muscles by doing regular push-ups, chest flies, and chest presses. You can also target your waistline to make it look smaller, which makes your breasts appear larger by comparison. Do strength-training exercises that work on your core muscles.

  5. Wear the right bra size. Some women make the mistake of wearing bras that are one size smaller because they think it can make their chests look bigger. However, wearing the wrong size bra can have serious health consequences, such as impaired chest circulation and difficulty in breathing. Similarly, a bra that is too large for you can make your breasts look lumpy. Avoid stuffing your bra with tissue or cloth as well, as it will look weird and unnatural.

  6. Wear clothes that make your boobs look larger. Wearing clothes that have embellishments on your chest area actually makes your boobs appear larger than they really are. Such clothes include ruffled and lace tops, as well as those that have ruched and twisted necklines. Avoid wearing tops or dresses with V or low-scoop necklines, since these will only shrink your boobs further. Also, you should avoid tight-fitting clothing, as it will only reveal what is not there. Similarly, patterns and colors have the ability to make your breasts look larger. In general, light colors make your boobs look bigger, while darker colors will make them look smaller.

While there are many legitimate ways on how to make small breast look bigger, it is important to be content with the type of body you have. Instead of focusing on your breasts, accentuate your body’s other assets, such as a small waist or smooth complexion, for example.


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