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How To Make Soap Without Lye

How To Make Soap Without Lye How To Make Soap Without Lye

Soap is indispensable to maintaining personal hygiene. Many people today are concerned about harmful chemicals used in hygiene products. Therefore, learning how to make soap without lye is useful for those who want less harmful options for soap. Calcium hydroxide and lime are both found in lye. Once these two elements are mixed together, a corrosive substance is produced, so be careful when handling lye, which is found in commercial soaps. However, you can do away with lye. You can use instead vegetable glycerin. The following steps detail how to make lye-free soap.

  1. Buy necessary materials. You can purchase your soap-making materials either in a home improvement store or in a hobby and craft store. You can also consider ordering online. If you do not have any mixing pans, a wooden stirrer, soap wrapper, an essential oil, and a mold at home, buy these materials too so you can accomplish the job quicker.

  2. Prepare the mold. Wipe or spray it with oil, and wipe off any excess oil with a clean towel.

  3. Cut the vegetable glycerin. Often, the bars are pre-measured. Follow the instructions found on the product label.

  4. Place the vegetable glycerin squares in a mixing pan over a stovetop on very low heat. Stir until they are completely melted. Be patient because this process may take a few minutes before the glycerin bars are totally liquefied.

  5. Remove the mixing pan from the stove and add your essential oils and soap coloring. Other capsulated vitamins, such as Vitamin E, that can benefit the skin may also be added. Stir the mixture until all of the components are mixed together.

  6. Pour the liquefied soap into the mold. Allow the liquid soap to dry.

  7. Remove the solidified soap from the mold after at least 8 to 10 hours. For best results, allow the soap to further harden overnight.

  8. If desired, wrap the soap. Make sure that the wrapper is aesthetically pleasing.

The steps enumerated on how to make soap without lye may appear tricky, but actually, they are quite simple to follow. Just try it and make your own lye-free soap. This way, you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals and the long-term effects of whatever is used in commercial soap. Moreover, everyone in the family can benefit from the lye-free soap.


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