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How To Make Soy Candles At Home

How To Make Soy Candles At Home

Learning how to make soy candles at home can turn into a fun hobby or the start of a new business venture. In the search for more environmentally friendly products, soy candles have been one of the many innovative products for a “greener” environment. There are many advantages to making soy candles. At the top of the list is that you are saving a lot of money as soy candles burn 50% longer than any common paraffin wax. They are also known to distribute scents faster and easier. Finally, the best benefit to all homeowners is that it is much easier to clean soy wax. Making soy candles is pretty much the same with making any other candles. The main difference is the type of wax that you will be using. Here are some quick steps for you to follow.

  1. Here are some of the basic materials that you should have: soy wax, candle molds, candle wick, double boiler, and candle thermometer. Fragrances and dyes are optional, but they can really help give your homemade soy candles a little twist.

  2. Clasp the thermometer to the side of the double boiler so you can constantly monitor the temperature.


  3. Melt the soy wax in the double boiler. When deciding on how much soy wax to use, take into consideration that when the soy wax melts, the amount will be less. Make sure that you maintain a temperature of 170 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important that the temperature stays at this point because when it goes higher than this, the wax can spurt into flame.

  4. If you decide to make colored candles, this is the best time to add the color of your choice. It is advised that you use 12 drops of dye for every pound of soy wax. But it’s best to add the dye gradually and just observe the changing color. Remember, you can always add some more dye if you want it to be darker, but you can’t reverse the process to make it lighter. With a paint stir stick or a wire whisk, constantly stir the wax as you add in the dye so it blends easier.

  5. If you decide to make scented soy candles, you can add the scent or fragrance of your choice in this step. The suggested ratio of scent and soy wax is 1.5 oz of scent for every pound of wax. Stirring the wax constantly will help distribute the scent evenly.

  6. The next step is to lower the temperature to 150 degrees.

  7. Assemble your candle molds on a flat surface. Make sure that they are at room temperature or slightly warm. Cold molds tend to create drag lines along the sides of the molds. You can warm the molds by setting them in an oven at the lowest temperature setting. The goal is to just warm them, so check them from time to time. Using a large measuring cup, slowly pour the wax into the candle molds.

  8. Prepare the candle wicks. As the wax cools down a bit, you will see a soft film formation over the top of the wax. This is the perfect time to position the candle wicks. Gently but surely push the wick through the wax by holding its tip. Try to keep the wick straight and that it is placed on the center. You may see that there will be a small gap around or just beside the wick. Just pour in more melted wax to fill the spaces.

  9. Leave the wax to set for about four hours. After which, you will be able to take out the candles out of the molds by clutching the tip of the candle wick. It is best to wait at least two days before using the candles.

Go out and buy your materials. Then just follow the steps on how to make soy candles at home to make environmentally friendly candle options on your own.  


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