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How to Make Spanish Rice and Beans

How to Make Spanish Rice and Beans

White rice, black beans or pinto beans, and salsa are typical ingredients you need when learning how to make Spanish rice and beans. Salsa is composed mainly of tomato sauce and other spices. It can be bought from grocery outlets ready for use. Vegetables may be added to the dish, but the pairing of rice and beans alone already offers a highly nutritious meal. This is a special dish that can be served at home as the highlight of an impressive dinner for two or more visitors. You may cook it in the following ways:

  1. Measure the rice and water parts when cooking steamed white rice. Add 2 cups of water for every cup of rice. If you are using a rice cooker, it will automatically stop cooking at the right stage. But if you are cooking manually, bring the rice to a boil then simmer. Keep it covered, but check on it once in a while.

  2. Continue simmering until the rice grains are fluffy and the water has dried out. Cooking rice manually should take around twenty minutes. It is a bit faster when you use a rice cooker.

    Turn the heat off when it’s done and just leave it on the stove for a few minutes. Ten minutes should be enough to let it settle down.

  3. Take the beans out of the can and drain and rinse them with water in a separate set-up. Wash them with tap water inside the drainer. Pour them into a large saucepan after washing. Add tomato sauce or salsa from a can and fill the can with water before adding the water to the mixture.

  4. Cook the mixture over medium heat and simmer uniformly for half an hour. The beans should be cooked within the first 25 minutes, but continue cooking while covering it to thicken the sauce.

  5. Heat up a second pan while slicing onion and bell pepper. ½ of each will be enough. Lubricate the heated pan with olive oil. Place the sliced pepper and onion in when the pan starts to sizzle. Sautéing these spices should take ten minutes the most. Stirring them constantly will make them brown evenly. They will be soft after this process.

  6. Mix the Spanish ingredients in to achieve an authentic taste or at least something close to it. These include Goya Recaito and Sazon Goya, to name a couple. You can buy them from specialized food stores. One tablespoon of Goya Recaito should be distinctive. You can also mix a whole packet of Sazon Goya into the preparation.

  7. Put together the steamed rice, the cooked beans, and the sautéed ingredients. Measure a cup of the mixture and put it on a plate. Side dishes include slices of avocado, guacamole dip, melted cheese, and sour cream. Have some more Tabasco available on the dining table as well as extra salsa. Garnish each serving with fresh cilantro. That will make the preparation more aromatic.

If you are into Spanish cooking, you can actually make homemade Goya Recaito and Sazon Goya. Some even add Goya Adobo to bring out a more Spanish-like taste. You can make your own version when learning how to make Spanish rice and beans, but don’t stray too far from the above tips. Some basic steps have to be followed to make the dish worthy of its name. The salsa or tomato sauce may be minimized to meet your desired taste. Just add between two tablespoons and a can to get the desired taste for your Spanish rice and beans.


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