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How To Make Stained Glass Windows

How To Make Stained Glass Windows

If you are thinking about improving the beauty of your home, the best idea you should consider is how to make stained glass windows on your own. Use your creativity, widen your imagination, and be artistic. This project is worthwhile although the process involved is a little complex. But first of all, what is stained glass? Essentially, a stained glass refers to colored glass used for decorative purposes. Most people would think of typical church windows. However, stained glass is also a big part of domestic décor, such as the world-renowned lamp creations of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Many homeowners would appreciate stained glass windows, and admittedly, you can do much better if you have painting skills, but you can still do a good job by simply following the steps below. To create stunning and appealing stained glass windows, your primary materials are window glass and your favorite glass paint colors. You also need a window cleaner or rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, liquid leading, paint brushes, and a design. Remember that when you start, your working area must be brightly-lit so you can see all the details of your project.

  1. Identify which windows you want to paint. The best way to work on the windows is to take and lay them down individually on a flat surface. Thoroughly clean each glass window to remove old paint residue, stains, and the dirt that has been accumulating on it. For the frames, you should use sandpaper to effectively remove any loose paint. After completely cleaning both the frames and the windows, wipe them with a clean cloth so no more dirt remains.

  2. Choose a design. Since this is your first time, you can start with simple designs like flowers and leaves, flower vases, the sun, a half-moon shape, and mug or cup designs. If you have coloring pages available, the better. Just take note that to make your design fit into your window, you might need to minimize or maximize the design on your copier machine. Once ready, tape the design on the outside surface of the window.

  3. Outline your design pattern. At this stage, you will need your liquid lead to trace the outline. Trace carefully because the lines will serve as your guide once you start painting the glass. Then allow the liquid lead to dry for a few hours.

  4. Paint in the design with the appropriate colors. Make sure that you do not paint the pattern lines you made earlier. The most important thing to remember once you start painting is to use one brush with one color unless you wash it out thoroughly. Also, you can have more choices by mixing colors for various shades. Once you’re done painting, allow your glass windows to dry out fully before you attempt to re-hang them individually.

As mentioned, it takes a real skillful and artistic mind to get the job done. However, the details we have discussed on how to make stained glass windows can guide any beginner.


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