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How to Make Synthetic Hair Look Real

How to Make Synthetic Hair Look Real

Nowadays, changing your hairstyle daily is not a problem. You can apply hair extensions to your hair any time you want, and go from glum to fab in no time. Perhaps the biggest challenge with this kind of practice is making your synthetic hair extensions look real. More often than not, synthetic hair has a shiny plastic surface that looks fake, especially when viewed under sunlight. How can you avoid this appearance? Here are some tips on how to make synthetic hair look real:

  1. You can make synthetic hair look less shiny and more natural by applying loose powder or baby powder to it. Divide the synthetic hair into two sections then apply loose powder evenly on one section. Repeat the procedure on the other half of the hair. Do not be afraid of putting too much powder on the synthetic hair. You can always shake or brush off the excess powder. Brush it off with a plastic-bristle brush. You can do this to your synthetic hair every other day.

  2. You can also use a flat iron to dull the texture of your synthetic hair.

    Note, however, that not all synthetic hair can be artificially heated. To check whether yours can withstand heat, do a strand test first – take a few strands of hair and subject them to a flat iron. If they melt, then you cannot iron your synthetic hair. Otherwise, iron your synthetic hair as you would your natural hair – starting from the roots down to the tips.

  3. You can also cut your hair into a layered style. With layered hair, synthetic hair blends more easily. When your natural hair is cut straight, it is easier to notice uneven hair extensions protruding from it.

  4. Make sure that when you buy synthetic hair, it matches the texture and color of your own hair. Buying something that looks miles away from your own hair will make it more obvious that it is not your real hair.

  5. Although this is not the case all the time, some cheap synthetic hair wefts do not look very natural. That is the price you pay when you go for bargains. If, however, you buy more expensive synthetic hair, it is likely that it will be of better quality.

  6. Wear your synthetic hair in a braid. It looks better and more believable when it is not straight; so curly or twisted hair styles are ideal.

  7. Take care of your synthetic hair like you would your own hair. Just like your hair, it needs to be shampooed to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Use gentle products to wash your synthetic hair, and avoid using dyes in it. Since synthetic hair can easily become brittle, do not forget to moisturize or condition it every other night. You can wrap it in a scarf and let the moisturizer seep into it overnight before rinsing it in the morning.

  8. Every time you remove your synthetic hair, make sure that you detangle it and put it back in its original packaging or in a safe place. This will ensure that it lasts for a long time. It is also advisable to use it as often as possible so that it gradually loses its shine, and looks more natural as time goes by.

Once you learn how to make synthetic hair look real, there should be no more bad hair days for you.


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