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how to make taco seasoning

how to make taco seasoning

Seasoning your food doesn’t necessarily mean flavoring it. The two cooking concepts are different. According to Larousse Gastronomique, a seasoning necessarily includes an amount of salt, while a flavor is a substance capable of giving another flavor-essence that alters the taste of any food. While seasoning enhances the food taste, flavoring can make it sour, tangy or sweet. Even then, a homemade seasoning is still preferable because you are aware of its contents. Today, instead of buying bulks of seasoning, let us find out how to make taco seasoning and make your cooking experience a lot tastier and enjoyable. Seasonings include oil infusion, spices, and even herbs. The word seasoning is closely associated with the word curing, which is the process of adding salt in order to amplify the natural taste of your food or simply to draw out the water component. Your beef, lamb or chicken may be cured with some amount of kosher salt so that the meat will get tender and the natural taste will be enhanced. For your homemade taco seasoning, the following steps are guaranteed easy. At the end of the day, you will have saved your money and made a completely delicious seasoning.

  1. Prepare your ingredients. You can get all the needed ingredients either from your spice rack or from a nearby grocery store. If you must buy, don't worry, all the items won't cost you more than $15.

    1 teaspoon of ground cumin

    1 teaspoon of garlic powder

    1 teaspoon of salt, preferable Kosher salt

    1 teaspoon of oregano

    1 teaspoon of cornstarch

    1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

    2 teaspoons of onion powder

    2 ½ teaspoons of paprika

    4 teaspoons of chili powder

    Black pepper to enhance the taste

  2. Carefully observe proper measurement. The importance of measuring the inclusive ingredients side-by-side is to ensure that neither item is doubled nor any one is forgotten.

  3. Get your bowl or bag for mixing purposes. Should you like to use a bowl, make sure it is a little deeper and spacious so you can freely do the stirring. If using a bag, make sure it has a zipper on the opening.

  4. Co-mix all your ingredients. The stirring or shaking process will make sure each ingredient is evenly distributed, especially the cornstarch, chili powder and the onion.

  5. Store it properly. Use any air-tight bottle or similar container so your taco seasoning can last for weeks or even months.

Go to the kitchen now and try spicing your ground beef with your freshly made taco seasoning. Instead of buying an individually packed seasoning, which is full of sodium and filler ingredients, make use of your taco seasoning from now on. Usual seasonings such as basil and black pepper can effectively transfer to the food a part of their natural taste. The herbs and spices you will use as seasonings must be added into your dish observing perfect timing. Top rated chefs are even saying that it is not only the timing that matters but there must be a little touch of love while putting on the seasoning. Wonderful! Now that you know how to make taco seasoning, you can actually create as many as you like. While seasoning preference, preparation, and application can vary from one culture to another, your homemade taco seasoning can still stand out. Happy cooking!


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