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how to make Thanksgiving decorations

how to make Thanksgiving decorations

If you want to keep your house festive throughout the month of November, you’ll need to know how to make Thanksgiving decorations. Ambiance always sets the mood, making any event a lot more memorable. Every fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States. The date of celebration may differ in other countries, but the meaning remains the same. The purpose of the holiday is to give thanks for all the yearly blessings. Originally, thanks were given for a good harvest; however, nowadays, people give thanks for a wider variety of blessings. A Thanksgiving feast is traditional for most households. With all the preparations in the kitchen, the sweet aroma of the food in the air and the laughter of families and friends, the house certainly calls for a festive atmosphere. Here are some ideas on how to set the scene: The key to decorating for Thanksgiving is simply to stick to the theme. Use lots of red, orange, yellow and touches of gold. Due to the origin of the event, it is also wise to use vegetable, fruits, flowers and leaves as your main decorations all around the house.

  1. Buy rich brown, red and rust orange pillowcases. If your furniture doesn’t match any of these colors, buy a cream colored cloth and cover your couch or chairs.

  2. Place sunflowers in a vase and make it as a centerpiece. Add in some touches of red or orange flowers and some greens. It will surely brighten up the room.

  3. Make a wreath from twigs. You have an option of spraying it gold or leaving it a beautiful earthly brown. Decorate it with yellow and orange fruits or leaves. You can make a couple of these and place them outside the door and in strategic places throughout the house.

  4. Fill wooden bowls with nuts and fruits. Place them on the side table or middle table. You can enjoy the snacks while waiting for the dinner, and they’ll add a beautiful touch to the area.

  5. Decorate your candles with acorns, berries, leaves and little touches of gold. It is also a good idea to use candles of various heights. You can use either three or five candles and place them in a tray. Place your decorations near the bases of the candles, covering most of the tray. If you light the candles, keep the flames away from your decorations.

  6. Spray paint leaves with gold, orange, yellow and red. Decorate your wall paintings by attaching these leaves around the frame. This will provide a Thanksgiving ambiance. You can also decorate wall mirrors in a similar fashion.

  7. If you have other decorations that are associated with Thanksgiving, such as figurines or images of pumpkins, pilgrim, turkey and fruits, use them to decorate the area. Just make sure that the colors stay within the theme.

  8. Decorate your dining table with miniature pumpkins. You can place nametags of your guests on the pumpkins to assign seats at the table.

  9. Use Thanksgiving inspired table napkin holders. You can make a ring out of brown craft foam and use fall leaves and berries to decorate it. You can also cut out printed pictures of turkeys or any items that represents Thanksgiving.

  10. For the table centerpiece, decorate your centerpiece bowl with various fruits. Choose colorful fruits and decorate them with fall leaves, acorns and miniature pumpkins.

More than anything, Thanksgiving is about being with the people who are closest to you. Give thanks for your family and friends and ask for their suggestions on how to make Thanksgiving decorations. 


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