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How to Make Thin Eyebrows Grow More Full

How to Make Thin Eyebrows Grow More Full

Are you totally loving the lush brow trend right now? The likes of Cara Delevingne managed to make such a look really chic and desirable, which may even be why you want to know how to make thin eyebrows grow more full. The good news is that you can indeed make your own set look abundant. Start now by checking out these hints:

  1. If you've got thin eyebrows due to plucking, the first thing you need to do is hide the tweezers or lay off the wax. Compulsive tweezing can ruin your chances of getting those enviable arches, so do what you can to avoid the temptation. Give yourself about 8 weeks to let your brows recover their volume.

  2. At some point, you do have to remove strands that have grown far from your brow line, like those in between your arches. Avoid waxing the strays, as this method is less precise and could result in you accidentally taking off more than you wanted.

  3. To stimulate growth, massage your brows daily using a fine eyebrow brush.

    Apply some aloe vera gel first, as this natural solution has been known to improve hair growth. Be gentle; you don't want to accidentally pull off hairs while doing this.

  4. Help your follicles push out new hair by exfoliating your brows every now and then with a soft toothbrush. Again, be gentle so that you don't irritate the skin nor cause any strands to fall out.

  5. Consider holding off using makeup on your brow area and go au naturel for a while. This is so that your hair grows better, as there is a lower risk of irritation from exposure to synthetic chemicals that may also interfere with brow hair growth. To avoid clogging the follicles, don't apply moisturizer or sunblock on your brow area.

  6. You can use hair regrowth serums that can boost brow volume. Start with Rogaine, as this is generally the only clinically tested product with studies that back its efficiency. Go for the 5% Minoxidil formulation. Apply the solution with a cotton swab, taking care not to let any drip into your eyes or other parts of your face. Swipe it over your brows twice a day, making sure that it seeps into the roots. Do know that it will take some time for the results to be visible, so keep using this for the next 4 to 6 months.

  7. You can also use Latisse, which some have found to be effective in regrowing brow hair. You'll need a prescription to get this though, which is only right as it's recommended that you see a medical professional before you start using such products so that you avoid certain complications like allergies or skin irritation.

  8. Consider making lifestyle changes, like getting more sleep each night (7 hours) and having a more nutritious diet rich in protein and antioxidants to encourage hair growth. You need to support your body's function in generating more hair so that you get the lush arches you want.

Rubbing in natural oil, such as coconut, olive, castor, or even vitamin E, can help you get accomplish your goal on how to make thin eyebrows grow more full. That's because these oils can thicken and strengthen brow hairs and protect them from damage. Apply the oils with a cotton swab a couple of times during the week; apply just enough so it doesn't clog up your pores or make your brow area feel too oily.


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