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How to Make Thin Hair Thicker

How to Make Thin Hair Thicker

Thinning hair can be caused by many factors, including genetics, old age, overstyling and neglect. The following are tips on how to make thin hair thickeraccording to the root cause (pun intended) of the thinning. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Fast solutions first

    While working on making your hair thicker in the long-term, you can adopt this quick, temporary solution. This will ensure that there is no abrupt change in your appearance when you hair starts to thicken. It usually means making your hair appear thicker using a stylish haircut – a blunt bob, short crop, or strategically placed layers. These styles give the illusion of thickness. Get hair highlights or lowlights to give the illusion of more hair. Choose hair color that’s not very dark to avoid the danger that your scalp will peek through and make it obvious that the hair is fine. It is best to avoid permanent hair color because it goes deeper into the hair root than temporary dye. Perms and body waves give volume to hair too.

    Strategically-placed hair-styling accessories that make thin hair appear thicker are available too.

    he sock bun is an old sock or hair scrunchie. Alternatively, it can be a sock donut that helps make bun hairstyles look thicker. For hairband styles, there are hair inserts that lift the hair around the face. Research online for more techniques for styling your hair and making it look thicker.

  2. Long-term solutions next

    If the problem is naturally thin hair, you might benefit from volumizing shampoos and conditioners. These hair products normally contain niacin, Vitamin B3, or wheat protein, which make the hair look thicker. Many thin-haired women swear by shampoos made for horsehair. Be sure to use conditioner sparingly and rinse thoroughly after use because it weighs down the hair. Because there are too many of these products on the market, you have the boon of many options and the bane of feeling like you’re always experimenting until you figure out what the right product is. Dry your hair by tipping your head upside down, letting the hair fall down freely, and then blow drying it from root to tip. Hair-thickening sprays for use on freshly-showered hair are also available. Of course, it bears repeating that you shouldn’t expect the miraculous transformation of your hair into luxuriously thick tresses.

    For those who have thinning hair due to aging or genetics, preparations such as topical minoxidil, rogaine or propecia help to combat hair loss or even reverse it. They slow hair loss and increase the diameter of the hair strand, thus thickening the hair.

    You can never go wrong with natural remedies (except, of course, when you have an allergy to one of them). Diluting yoghurt with water and using it as conditioner initiates hair growth and makes your hair shiny. Rinse with mild shampoo afterwards. Hot oil therapy with olive, jojoba, and coconut oil then a scalp massage for 20 minutes works wonders for hair growth.

  3. Preventive steps always

    Keeping your hair thick can be as simple as eating well and supplementing with a multivitamin. Conditions such as telogen effluvium and pernicious anemia that cause hair thinning result from nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies can be caused by an extreme diet of zero carbohydrates or no fats. Vitamins B5 and B12 and biotin avert the loss of hair, while Vitamins E and B3 are known to improve scalp circulation. Adding flax seeds to your diet helps you have shiny hair too.

    The scalp can benefit a lot from daily scalp massages, which help improve blood circulation. Daily hair conditioning nourishes the hair follicles and keeps your hair strong. Get a trim regularly so that your hair is encouraged to grow and the ends don’t split.

These tips on how to make thin hair thickershould help you get hair that looks inviting and abundant.


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