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how to make tissue paper flowers

how to make tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper flowers can turn a place around from looking bare to a fancifully beautiful venue. They will not cost you a lot of money, and they are easy to do. They can influence the ambiance of the place by complementing your motif. Casual gatherings will become special with tissue paper flowers for a child’s party, office gathering, baby, or bridal showers. How to make tissue paper flowers can be one of your talents. Practice making them. When you are then requested for your services during special functions, then you’ll really have what it takes. Paper flower making can be customized as well. You may use the celebrant’s favorite colors or follow the company’s logo color combination. The sizes are flexible too from giant blooms to petite carnations. The options are endless because whatever you can imagine can be implemented. You just need some creativity, interest, and a bit of effort to first follow the following basic steps to make all these attractive things come to life:

  1. Complete the materials needed.

    generous with your supply to be able to do many varieties that you can choose from. Don’t forget the scissors. Check supply stores for floral wires and chenille pipe cleaners. Bring someone with you to sort these things out for more opinions.

  2. Start with 10 sheets. Follow the center fold marking and cut them in half. Add more sheets if you want the flower to be bigger and more luscious. Do not attempt to do this on your first try. Learn the basic process first before modifying your own.

  3. Make a pile of these neatly-trimmed tissue papers, and make sure that all corners are at the same level. This is to prevent having some protruding parts of the petals later on.

  4. Begin evenly folding the tissue paper starting from the back alternating with a forward fold. Do these steps as long as needed to mimic accordion pleats. See to it that each fold measures half an inch regardless of the folding direction.

  5. Secure the center of the folded sheets by tying a floral wire around it. Add in chenille pipe cleaner first if you want the flower to have leaves. Displaying these paper flowers in a vase would need a longer and firmer wire.

  6. The folded sheets must look like a fan now. The twisted wire at the center must put the fan-like pattern in place. You can also clip the edges to make sure that it won’t snap when you spread the fan open. Soften the edges by trimming them down into rounded petals. This will now look more like a flower.

  7. Separate the tissue papers after spreading them out. Allow them to spread freely by fluffing the pieces to look more luscious.

Knowing how to make tissue paper flowers is useful when decorating event venues. Paper flowers can be tokens of appreciation for people who have contributed to a particular achievement in life, souvenirs after a wedding to delight attendees before going home, as garlands during formal occasions, or as gifts for Valentines and other occasions. For sure, your children will be very thankful to get this knowledge from you. Isn’t it nice to be remembered in association with these remarkable creations? Make it as a family tradition and expect to be overwhelmed with advanced paper flower making techniques during every family occasion in your lifetime.


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