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how to make tissue paper pom poms

how to make tissue paper pom poms

Pom poms are popularized by cheerleaders. They add to the dashing performances of the group. Apart from that, they can also enhance the vibrant atmosphere of an event venue for numerous occasions. They may or may not be related to sports. They can carry the motif of the festivity, for example, during weddings, debuts, or simply just for birthday parties. You can do diversions with your decorations if you know how to make tissue paper pom poms. Pom poms can also lighten up a small place like an office or your music room. You can arrange them in a container like flowers in a flower vase. You can hang them in one corner of the room using nylons that are transparent. They can also be made into centerpieces for tables. There are many more pom pom decorative usages if you really think about it. Here are some steps how to make them:

  1. Gather all the necessary materials. Make the size of your pom poms proportionate to that of the room or area to be decorated. Basic materials include:  12 tissue paper sheets measuring 20 by 25 inches, 36-inch piece of string, 1 chenille stem, thumbtacks, and scissors.

    Increase or decrease materials and measurements according to the concept design and requirements.

  2. Stack the 12 full sheets of tissue paper evenly on a clean and dry working area. Place each tissue on top of each other.

  3. Fold the tissues like the pattern of a fan or accordion style. Each fold must be around one and one- half inches. Even folds will look more professional. Press the folded sides with a stick to smooth the edges.

  4. Use a 15-inch piece of wire to wrap around the center of the folded part.

  5. Do not release the center when locking one end of the wire with the other end. Twist both ends together firmly until they are tightly fitted against the center of the paper. It will need to be twisted many times before it can be locked together tightly.

  6. Use a decorative-edge scissors when cutting the end of each side of the folded paper. You can also use regular scissors. Shape the cut according to your liking to form nice, petal edges. These can be round or pointed.

  7. Separate the layers carefully by pulling the outer edges to the center. Continue to pull the sheets apart to loosen the pom pom petals. Do the same to the other side of the pom pom.   Uniform and smooth edges are enhancing to the eyes. Do not be too harsh with the pom poms. Your soft touch will be very obvious when they are done.

  8. Apply the finishing touches with the use of a ribbon or monofilament. Tie this around the wired center. This will serve as the pom pom hanger. You can find many attractive strings for your pom pom hangers. Make sure that you have considered the color combination before deciding what to use. You can even opt for a transparent tier to make them look like they are floating on air.

It’s not enough knowing how to make tissue paper pompoms. Patience is a must here. You have to take your time in doing this. The pom poms must be nurtured the same way as arranging fresh flowers. You cannot be harsh with them or rush too much so as to avoid making rough textures for their petals. The secret in making superb pom poms lies with your heart. If you are enjoying what you’re doing, it will be very noticeable in your end product. If you care for them, they will also take care of your place.


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