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how to make toilet paper

how to make toilet paper

Toilet paper is a sanitary product that many people cannot live without. It’s so easy to get used to having it around for your daily personal habits and necessities. Notice that the softer, thicker, and design-filled they are, the more expensive they become. Some toilet paper is even scented with various perfumes. Natural smells are more popular because many people are allergic to chemical-based scents. If you are a sensitive toilet paper user, learning how to make toilet paper is not a bad idea. It’s nice to be in control of things. You can stock up your home with the things that you need. This is also a good way of killing time if you have some to spare. There’s nothing technical in the process. You just have to get the materials needed and know their properties so that you can make your own formula according to your preferences. Here are directions for your toilet paper making task:

  1. Gather some soft wood that you can process for the base of the tissue paper. Pine can make a smoother pulp. Saw the pine until it is cut into tiny pieces.

    is is to generate lots of sawdust. Do not include the small pieces of soft wood in the blender.

  2. Load the collected sawdust into a blender. It is advisable not to use the same blender for your food or juices. Add cotton fibers from loosened cotton balls. You can also experiment on silk or polyester fibers. Pour just a few tablespoons of moisturizing hand lotion into the mixture.  Add just enough water to make the mixture move a little.

  3. Proceed by turning the blender on for a good grind. You should be able to get a well-mixed puree. If they are a bit solidified, just add more water and blend again. There’s no danger of over-blending the mixture. The more refined the sawdust is, the better.

  4. Choose a design for your screen. You can use either a round or rectangular screen. Pour the puree over the screen. This is to eliminate the water from the mixture leaving only a sheet of toilet paper when dry. You can decide if you want a thicker tissue paper or not. Just add more puree if you want it thicker.

  5. Place the screen on a cloth. You can use a paper towel if you have it. Prepare a heavy, flat object to be placed on top of the sheet. This will press more water out of the sheet. Once your sheet becomes semi-dry, you can transfer this to a clean, dry, flat surface. Allow the toilet paper sheet to dry some more while making more tissues. Stack them together after drying completely.

You can make either single or double-ply tissue papers.  You can make a two-ply tissue paper by affixing two sheets back-to-back with each other. They can absorb more moisture if their volume is added that way. You can also play around with colors and scents to achieve your own preferences. Sometimes we do not know what we want until we experience it. The process indicated above on how to make your toilet paper is applicable when processing a virgin tissue paper. It’s called virgin when the flesh of the paper is made from chipped wood. You can also recycle used paper to become tissue paper, but you do not have as much control in its texture. Recycled tissue paper will be stiffer. Remember that you can actually experiment with various formulas to make your own tissue papers when you are not satisfied with store-bought toilet paper.


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