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How to Make Trellis Yarn Bracelets

How to Make Trellis Yarn Bracelets

A special type of yarn, trellis yarn is a shiny ladder-ribbon yarn with a lace pattern. It’s delicate and airy appearance result in accessories that instantly glam up any outfit. Because it comes in a variety of beautiful sparkling colors, you can mix and match a combination of various colors. A palette of red, orange, yellow, and light green would reflect the colors of autumn. Alternatively, mix together complementary bright colors for that enchanting summer look.

If you love handcrafting or bead jewelry, this guide on how to make trellis yarn bracelets may end up as one of your favorites. It promises a lot of DIY fun. Bracelets created from trellis yarn look trendy and unique. Upon first glance, these accessories may seem like the result of a complicated process, but they’re actually very easy and simple to create. You can also make other jewelry pieces, such as a pair of earrings, a necklace, or an anklet to match. Plus, you don’t need any expensive equipment or complicated tools. You can just use your hands or a crochet hook to handcraft a beautiful piece of jewelry.

ce you’re ready to create your first trellis yarn bracelet, follow this simple five-strand pattern.

  1. To start, you need the following materials: a crochet hook, scissors, and the trellis yarn of your choice.

  2. Cut 1.5 yards of five different colors of trellis yarn.

  3. Take one strand, and create a slip knot about 4 inches from the end.

  4. To start the chain stitch, using a crochet hook, stick it in the loop, hook onto the yarn, and pull it through the loop. You can also use your fingers, but it will be harder to make small and fine chains.

  5. To continue, repeat step 4 through this second loop, which then creates another loop. Repeat until you reach your desired length. With last one, pull the yarn completely through to create an end knot.

  6. Set this first strand aside. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the other five strands.

  7. When you’re done with all five, hold them together and make a knot next to the beginning and end of the chain. Make another knot at the shorter end from step 3.

  8. Measure another 4 inches from the knot to the unchained end of the yarn pieces. Cut after these 4 inches.

  9. Use the unchained portion to tie it around your wrist. You now have a pretty bracelet!

The effect is a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry you can pair with all sorts of outfits. You could even make some as gifts for friends and family. As you learn more about how to make trellis yarn bracelets, you can play around with different designs. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy crafting with trellis yarn.


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