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How to Make Wedding Centerpieces

How to Make Wedding Centerpieces

A wedding marks an important day in a couple’s life. Those involved with the wedding – especially the bride – will scrutinize every aspect of the ceremony, including the wedding cake, the music, the attire, the entourage and even wedding favors. However, the centerpiece holds an important focal point in a wedding. It is the most seen and observed by the guests. This is why it’s important to know how to making wedding centerpieces. By selecting the right materials, you will be on your way to creating elegant and beautiful centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces can take many forms. They may be candles, flowers, fruits or even combinations of these placed within a vase There are several methods to creating centerpieces, but they require careful planning. Here are tips and ways to make one.

  1. Examine the wedding’s theme and match it with the centerpiece’s design. For example, you shouldn’t use glass vases in a country inspired wedding. Centerpieces provide an ambiance for your theme. For a beach inspired wedding, use shells, sands, starfish and tropical flowers.

    simple and elegant kind of wedding, use a lot vase glasses and clean flower arrangements. For a more romantic ambiance, add several tea candles all around the table.

  2. Use appropriate colors. If the theme is red and gold, it is only natural that you use colors within the same scheme while refraining from colors such as blue, violet or pink. Be flexible and use monochromatic colors to add more life. Using one color can be boring, but using colors in the same family can bring variety and beauty. For example, if the theme is midnight blue and silver, you can use light blue in some elements of the centerpiece.

  3. The height of the centerpiece will also make a big difference. You can add height if the ceremony is held in a space with a high ceiling, but make sure that it doesn't bother the surrounding guests or obstruct their view.

  4. The size of the table is another factor to consider. If the tables are small, you also have to make smaller centerpieces to avoid crowding the guests. Round tables usually have more space to work with than long rectangular tables. At lengthy tables, strategically place centerpieces in the middle and far ends of the table.

  5. When using flowers, measure the containers and adjust the flowers’ heights by cutting their stems. Use fresh flowers and not wilted ones. It is ideal to cut the flowers to an equal height when opting for shorter centerpieces. Use foam and cover it with moss to keep the flowers standing properly. For taller centerpieces, it’s best to vary the heights of the flowers.

  6. When mixing elements, such as candles and flowers, ensure the height of each piece is proportional to the whole design. When adding candles to a floral centerpiece, make sure the candles are a bit smaller. The main attraction is the flower arrangement, thus the candles should not get the attention.

  7. Make the design cohesive if you are using different centerpieces. One specific element should be present in all the centerpieces to achieve that cohesive look. Only make a maximum of three different designs; too many may ruin the harmonious look.

When considering how to make wedding centerpieces, expect to spend a lot of time planning. Test your ideas out. Make sure that the design is practical and is easy to do. Do not spend too much money. You can create a beautiful arrangement without spending loads of money. Good luck with making one!


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