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How to Make Wind Chimes

How to Make Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been in existence since prehistoric times, and great symbolic meaning is attached to them. They are said to be instruments of healing for the body and mind. They are also said to warn against danger or trouble lurking nearby. While these claims are probably based in superstition, the fact remains that wind chimes make great decorations for your home. If you love doing arts and crafts, you will enjoy learning how to make wind chimes out of materials like traditional copper pipes, old flatware, or silverware. Read on to learn how to make your own wind chimes:

  1. Remember that wind chimes follow a basic design. This includes a wind catcher at the center, various items that produce sound, and a banger or clapper, into which the objects will bang in order to produce the chime effect.

  2. Look for items that you can use in your wind chimes. They may include scrap materials from your home, for instance, spoons and forks that are no longer being used. They may also include old keys, sticks or marbles.

    It is advisable to use the same type of material or to adhere to a certain theme for the best aesthetic effect. For example, if your house has an Oriental interior design, why not make wind chimes out of bamboo to complete the look?

  3. To make the lid or the plate from which your chimes will hang, you will need to cut a block of redwood of the appropriate size. If you don’t want to use wood, you can use makeshift lids such as terracotta pots or teapots.

  4. Punch a small hole through the center of the lid. Slide a piece of nylon thread, string, or craft wire into the hole and secure it with a knot on the top side of the lid. Cut it to the desired length.

  5. Bore some more holes along the edges of the lid. You will hang the chimes from these holes. Make sure that the distances between the holes are even to keep the whole balanced and produce the best sounds.

  6. As for your banger, hang it at the center point using the center string. It should be hard and large enough to produce some noise, but not so heavy that it prevents the wind catcher below it from moving with the wind. You can secure a circular banger in place by wrapping the nylon thread around it in a knot, then gluing the string to it to hold it in place.

  7. Hang your wind catcher at the base of the center string. Remember that it can be made from anything that has the ability to catch wind, i.e. something with a large surface, either flat or curved.

  8. You need to install the chimes next. The length of your string should make the chimes sit at the same height as the center banger. This will enable the chimes to hit the banger and produce the chime effect. For aesthetics, you can make some strings longer or shorter than the others. Just make sure that you preserve balance and symmetry.

  9. Remember to punch holes at the tops of the chimes and wind catcher before attaching them to the string so that they hang evenly.

  10. To finish, punch a couple more holes in the lid. Make sure that the distances between them are even. Slide a string on one side, and then knot it on the bottom of the lid. Cut the string according to how much you want for hanging your wind chime. Slide the other end of the string through the second hole, and knot it on the bottom.

Learning how to make wind chimes is ideal for advanced crafters. They can save a lot of money by making them rather than buying ready-made ones from department stores.


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