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how to make Windows look like Mac

how to make Windows look like Mac

Free downloadable applications and graphics can make a Windows desktop look like Mac OS X Leopard. This has nothing to do with computing power or graphics performance. A Mac desktop, however, is more systematic. It’s free from clutter because you can hide some features without taking them out of the desktop screen. The idea of how to make Windows look like Mac could be bizarre at first, but it really makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Free your desktop of any files by temporarily moving them to another directory. Right-click the desktop and find “Arrange Icons By”. Remove the check from “Show desktop icon”. Retrieve removed application shortcuts and icons by accessing “My Computer”, “My Documents” and “Recycle Bin” standbys from Windows Explorer. Select “Properties” after right-clicking the Windows Taskbar. Select “Auto-hide the Taskbar” by checking it and click apply. This will remove the Windows taskbar from the bottom of your desktop. If you prefer to have the taskbar back, just uncheck the box.


    Customize the look of your Mac-like desktop by downloading Leopard wallpapers from Apple. Download your choice of high-resolution Mac desktop wallpaper for Windows use as a zipped file and then extract it. Find these wallpapers using a search engine.

  2. Install the wallpaper following the software-specific instructions. If you are running Windows XP, right-click the desktop and scroll down to "Properties." Select "Desktop" tab and click "Browse" to find to the downloaded wallpaper file. Under "Position" on the "Desktop" tab, choose "Center," "Tile" or "Stretch" to adjust the wallpaper display. Click "OK" to finalize the setting. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, right-click in any empty area of the desktop. Select "Personalize" and choose "Desktop Background," second from the top. Select "Browse" to search for the location of the wallpaper file and select it. Click "OK" to finish installation.

  3. Install a Mac Icon Set from DeviantArt.com. Browse the site to see available selections. Download as zipped file to your desktop, for that new Mac image.

  4. Install specifics according to the software. Start with right-clicking on the desktop and select "Properties” for Windows XP. Choose the "Desktop" tab at the top of the "Display Properties" window and click "Customize Desktop". Select the "General" tab and click on the icon. It will modify the display of system icons. Click the "Change Icons" button to browse the computer for the new icons. Click "Ok" and "Apply Changes" after selecting the new icons. The process for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is more or less the same. Right-click on any part of desktop and select "Personalize." Click on "Desktop icons" and confirm that the box is checked for "Allow Themes to change desktop icons." Right-click on the desktop again and select "Personalize". Click "Change desktop icons." Browse the downloadable folder containing the Mac Icon Sets and assign each icon manually by clicking "Change Icon”.

  5. Download the "Mac Cursor or Pointer set" from DeviantArt.com to the desktop. Unzip the folder containing the Mac cursors. Right-click the "Install xxxxxx.inf" file and select "Install". Choose one of the cursor sets in the control panel and the pointers will be automatically set up.

  6. Download the free application, "RKLauncher" for a Mac-like dock or animated Mac taskbar. Drag all application shortcuts and icons on the desktop to the bottom of the Mac-like dock.

  7. Lastly, download and install widgets on your Mac-like PC desktop. You can download Yahoo and Google widgets for free, and the same goes for Apple software applications like Safari, QuickTime and iTunes.

The beauty of how to make Windows look like Mac is not limited to just its tidy looks, also to fully creating a personalized image according to your preference.


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