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how to make Windows Vista faster

how to make Windows Vista faster

Windows Vista is a type of an operating system that was both released and developed by Microsoft. It can be used on personal computers, laptops and tablets. Like any other operating system, there may be instances wherein your computer seems to respond slowly. This is why you should know how to make Windows Vista faster. This operating system was first conceived after the release of the old Windows XP. Windows Vista was created to improve upon its predecessor, which is why it took five years to develop, resulting in the longest time period between succeeding releases by Windows. Working with a slow computer can be extremely annoying. For Vista alone, here are some tips to improve the speed of your operating system:

  1. The very first thing that you have to check is your computer’s memory. This is because Windows Vista runs smoother when you are running with a loose disk space. One gigabyte is the lowest and minimum space requirement, but you can still add as much memory as you want to suit your needs. This will really help Windows Vista run faster.


  2. Speed up your system using a USB flash drive. All you need is a USB with at least a 256 MB free space. Plug it in your computer’s USB port. Upon doing so, your computer will then read it and display an AutoPlay menu box. At the bottom of the list, you will see a Speed Up My System option. Click it and wait for further instructions.

  3. Another action you can take is to over-clock your graphic card. A graphic card is an expansion card that is responsible for producing output images for display. You can tweak it to squeeze in a few extra frames per second on its display. However, you might want to hire an expert to do this for you, as this procedure can damage your graphic card.

  4. Empty all unnecessary folders. Low disk space can slow down your Windows Vista. Check all temporary Internet files and documents and delete them from time to time. Also, empty your Recycle Bin as often as you can.

  5. Avoid using a wireless connection, especially when not necessary. Wireless connections run much slower than wired connections.

  6. Like any other operating system, you can choose to upgrade. You can go to your trusted computer technician and inquire about an upgrade.

Many factors can slowdown your operating system. It is best that you consult a specialist, especially if you are not familiar with technical terms regarding computers. Learning and executing the steps on how to make Windows Vista faster can be quite tough since you are in a state of trial and error. You really can’t pinpoint the exact problem and solution right away. Try the tips above and consult an expert if the problem continues.


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