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how to make wire jewelry

how to make wire jewelry

Gone are the days when wires cannot be the focus for decorative accessories, specifically jewelry. They are now one of the major elements used in designing, not just for the usual earrings that were already using wires for the hooks, but also for necklaces, rings, and bracelets. How to make wire jewelry is very different. It has an authoritative look that only confident people can wear fashionably. The technique is in the creative bending of the wires and in making their connections with the other components. If you are into jewelry making, take this as a challenge. If not, this will give you an opportunity to enhance your creative skills by learning the procedure of wire jewelry making. It will take only one try to know if this activity is for you or not. When you have decided to pursue it, just follow the steps below:

  1. Put everything you need in one place so that you won’t be running around looking for them while in between the process. Ordinary tools like pliers and wire cutters must be there before anything else. Chain clasps and beads will accessorize your jewelry plus, of course, soft wires as your main component.


  2. Take note that the higher the chosen wire gauge is, the thinner it will be. Analyze the right gauge for the design in mind. If you intend to form them into shapes, the thinner the better.

  3. Measure the wire for the standard 18 inches length for a necklace, but add an allowance of 2 inches. So cut a 20-inch piece of wire. Set the remaining wires aside for future use. Coil them up to avoid obstructions.

  4. Make a loop at the end of the wire as a stopper. Following an outline that you should have made earlier, add the components, such as beads, to form the layout. Make sure that there’s enough room for another loop to close the necklace.

  5. Clear the necklace of excess wires by trimming them. Once all components are in place, tighten the second loop.

  6. Insert the short chain attached to the jump ring which is the closing and opening device for the jewelry. You can attach the chain through the loop you made at one end. Use the jump ring to connect the clasps at both ends.

  7. Diversify by adding more chains and attaching beads to the chains to emphasize another fashion statement.

It has been observed that gauges 18 and 20 are more suitable for wire wrapping, but creating fun jewelry can use from between gauge 14 to gauge 26. Gauges 24 to 26 are good for beadwork. Take notice also of the wire’s shape circumference wise. Ordinary wires are round. Half-rounds are for binding two wires together. Square wires are good for cabochon gems and bracelet making. How to make wire jewelry is flexible for the type of jewelry you are making. There are extensive ways of creating fashion jewelry, and there are wires made for specific types. Have you heard of precious wire wrappings? These are for precious creations using precious stones such as pearls, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. There must be a good balance between the qualities of the wire used with the components. This will dictate the market value of the jewelry. Never lower the value of your precious creation by using an ordinary wire. It will ruin your investment.


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