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How to Make Your Boobs Less Saggy

How to Make Your Boobs Less Saggy

Over time, your once perky twins may begin to show signs of aging by becoming a bit droopy and less jaunty. When this happens, learn how to make your boobs less saggy. There is no reason to lose hope. Those who do not have sagging issues yet would do well to follow these steps to delay and prevent their own boobs from sagging.

  1. Maintain your weight. Seesawing from being 10 pounds overweight to being 2 pounds underweight, for example, can take a toll on the perkiness of your breasts. Over time, the skin on your chest area loses firmness due to all that stretching. This is especially the case when women get heavier breasts later in life. The connective tissues in the mammary organs and the skin surrounding the chest are less able to support the added weight, hence the drooping. Thus, keep your weight stable. Doing this also helps minimize or delay the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

  2. Give your breasts a break from bras. According to a study by French scientist Jean-Denis Rouillon, bras do not really prevent sagging in breast tissues.

    In fact, it even caused the boobs of the participants of the 15-year study to wither to some degree. In addition, those who ditched their bras for good experienced about a quarter inch lift in their nipples for every year they didn't wear bras. Their breasts were also firmer, and their stretch marks appeared to fade. Also, some of the women told the scientist that going bra-less actually helped ease their backaches. This, though, doesn't mean that all women should do away with their bras, especially those who are 45 and older or have big breasts.

  3. If your breasts are on the small side, consider going bra-less on some days or wearing nipple covers or stick-on bras to help activate your breast's ligaments and prevent them from weakening due to disuse, which is the case with constant bra-wearing.

  4. If you exercise, your breasts need proper support to keep them from bouncing too much and becoming saggy. The bigger your breasts, the more support you need.

  5. Speaking of exercise, do work outs that target your pectoral muscles, or the muscles under your breast tissue, so that your boobs have better support and look perky. Do planks, pushups, and strength exercises with dumbbells, as well as chest presses.

  6. Do you smoke? Your breasts will thank you if you quit, as this habit can hasten the breakdown of collagen fibers, which help support your boobs and keep them upright. Breast specialist Ian Laidlaw says that one indicator of whether a woman smokes is the condition of her breasts.

  7. Avoid exposing your breasts to the elements, particularly the sun. The ultraviolet rays can also hasten collagen and elastin breakdown. Apply sunblock on your breasts when out on the beach in a bikini or chest-baring swimsuit or use an umbrella or wide-brimmed hat.

  8. Moisturize your chest so you keep your skin from wrinkling early. Massaging can also help keep this part of your body rejuvenated and boost circulation.

  9. If the damage has already been done and you are already past 45 or 50, you may want to consider cosmetic surgery. Consult a plastic surgeon to find out your options, considering the extent of the sag and your current health condition. A breast lift usually helps resolve the problem.

Lastly, it is not true that breastfeeding causes sagginess. In fact, it is the enlargement of the breasts during pregnancy that actually causes the droopiness. Therefore, avoiding breastfeeding does not equate to figuring out how to make your boobs less saggy.


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