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How to Make Your Breast Look Smaller

How to Make Your Breast Look Smaller

Even though a lot of women dream of having bigger breasts, large-chested women do not particularly relish the attention that they get. A lot of them become self-conscious, especially when people's attentions are focused on their breasts and not them. Because of that, some women even go as far as to have breast reduction surgery, but that does not have to be the only solution to the problem. If you have huge breasts and you do not want to attract unwanted attention because of them, here are some helpful tips on how to make your breast look smaller:

  1. Get a minimizer bra. No matter how much you want to fit your boobs inside a small bra, it will never work out. In fact, your boobs will only look all squished inside, not to mention that you will also feel extremely uncomfortable. What you can do is to have yourself professionally fitted for a minimizer bra. Just like the name says, this bra can help minimize your breasts' size by a couple of inches through redistributing your breast tissue. If you do not want a minimizer bra, you can opt for a sports bra, which can help limit breast movement, especially when you are working out.

  2. Wear dark-colored clothes. It is a known fact that dark colors can help you look slimmer. That being said, it can also help make your breasts look smaller. Aside from choosing the right colors of clothing, you should also avoid certain styles that can emphasize your breast size. For instance, avoid tight-fitting tops, since these will only make your chest look huge. V-neck shirts and cardigans will look great on you, as these styles minimize your curves. You can also choose to emphasize other parts of your body, such as your hips or waist, by drawing attention to them instead of your breasts.

  3. Know how to accessorize. Accessories spice up every outfit, but some of them will make your chest look even bigger. For example, wearing long necklaces that fall on your chest area can draw the eyes down to your chest. Instead, you should opt for short necklaces that fall right on the collarbone. During cold months, wear scarves because they cover your cleavage and frame your face the right way.

  4. Try using body shapers or chest binders. When you wear body shapers under your clothes, they suck everything in, including your boobs. The tightening fabric gives your whole physique a smoother and more proportioned look. If you really have no other choice, you can wear chest binders. Keep in mind that this may not be comfortable but can be enough if you want to fit nicely into a certain dress. Make sure that you do not use chest binders for a long period of time, since it can damage your breasts in the long run.

  5. Stop doing anything that enlarges your breasts. If you are taking birth control pills, then you should know that one of the side effects is breast enlargement. You may want to stop taking them if you do not need them that much; ask your doctor about other non-hormonal alternatives.

  6. Do chest exercises. While some exercises focused on the chest area can make your breasts larger, there are also exercises that can help you get smaller breasts. For example, if you are overweight, engaging in cardio exercises can help you lose weight and, in turn, also make your breasts smaller.

Knowing about the different ways on how to make your breast look smaller does not mean that you should hate the way you look. Women on the other side of the fence actually envy your big boobs, so you should not appear resentful. Instead, spread some body love and learn to embrace your appearance, flaws and all.


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