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how to make your date memorable

how to make your date memorable

A memorable date does not happen without extraordinary efforts. It entails preparation, wits, and guts. As a general rule, you can make your date comfortable by choosing an excellent ambiance, observing the right timing, and serving the right foods. These are just a few of the examples on how to make your date memorable and sweet. Dating necessarily means having a healthy conversation. You cannot just simply eat the foods and drink your beverages without wholesome talks in the process. Try these steps and see for yourself.

  1. Choose a good ambiance. The setting of the place plays a crucial factor during your date. Find a place where both of you can relax and have peace of mind as you go along with your conversation. If you like to spend your date in a café or restaurant, choose a time when there are few customers so there will be fewer distractions.

  2. Wear a comfortable outfit. You cannot concentrate on your date if you are too conscious about your attire.

    Hence, you should wear something comfortable. A cotton upper wardrobe and comfortable jeans or khakis would be a good outfit for men. This will ensure you don’t experience any kind of wardrobe discomfort.

  3. Look decent and attractive. Most men are likely to grow attracted to women who are beautiful and smart-looking. Thus, for women, impress your date with the way you look and carry yourself. For men, make sure to look decent, clean, and cool.

  4. Prepare flowers. Give your date a bunch of beautifully arranged flowers and she will be so happy and pleased. This will catch her attention and increase her interest in you.

  5. Compliment your partner. Appreciating your date is another way of saying that you acknowledge the way he or she looks. A single compliment can lighten up your date, until you become more comfortable with each other. If you find her hair shiny and silky, let her know. If he has a nice set of teeth, tell him naturally.

  6. Order good foods. Light to medium meals are ideal during dates. Do not order heavy meals, or else your concentration will be affected by having a full tummy. Have a glass of wine after the meal. However, if she likes to have a glass of tea instead of wine, go for tea too. Getting along on simple things can improve the bond between the two of you.

  7. Be a good listener. A healthy conversation means listening and talking. Listen attentively to your date and be responsive to the conversation. Allow your date to open up his or her story. When it is your turn to talk, you can expect your date to listen to you too. To avoid having dull moments, show a good sense of humor and laugh together.

  8. Take her to the dance floor. Ask her for a dance. Make sure that the music is sweet. Personally ask the operator or the band to play love songs the moment you take her for a dance. Dance with the music, maintain eye contact, and move with passion.

  9. Show special concern. Make your date feel special and protected. For men, pick up your date at home and personally ask permission from her parents. If she looks bothered, it is not too much to ask what’s bothering her. If she doesn’t talk, just leave it that way. Once in a while, try to make her laugh until she feels better. After your date, send her home safely.

Now that you know how to make your date memorable, your next date must be very special. It is crucial that you stay cool and natural throughout your date. Avoid pretending or exaggerating things just to impress your date.


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