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how to make your man love you

how to make your man love you

If you are not sure how to make your man love you, we’ll discuss some tips that can be of help to you. By the way, what made you think that your man doesn’t love you? Is it possible that he is tired of the relationship and has fallen for someone else? Is he spending overtime at the office too often? These are a few questions you have to ask yourself before you can finally tell that your man is no longer the same as before. Keeping your man is not all about love. Sometimes, love alone is not enough. Love is an intangible thing, which means you have to put it into actions so it can be appreciated by your partner. To make your man love you more, read on the tips below.

  1. Say “I love you” as many times as you can. Every time you say “I love you” to him, you are actually reassuring him of your devotion and faithfulness. Do not assume that he already knows you love him. Saying these three magical words is the best way to start and end the day.

  2. Stay fit and beautiful.

    ng fit doesn’t mean you have to trim down your weight, go to the gym too often, or visit the nearby salon every now and then. What he loved about you when you first met, try to maintain it. Keep your physical appearance pleasing and presentable even when you are just at home.

  3. Prepare his clothing. It is not really too much work to wake up ahead of him and prepare his suit for the day. When you do so, he’ll think that you are concerned about how he looks at work and before his workmates and friends. If you do that every now and then, he’ll appreciate it a lot.

  4. Cook for him. It is true that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you don’t know how to cook, well, you have to try harder. The easiest way to do it is to identify his favorite dishes, look for the recipes on the Internet, and practice cooking. After a day or two, you’ll get the right taste.

  5. Clean your room. When your man is too tired from work, he’ll love to drop himself like a log into a hygienic, comfortable, and well organized bed. If your room is messy, he won’t find it appealing to stay at home. He’d rather stay outside with his friends and hang out until wee hours.

  6. Make him feel respected. Every man wants respect. Respect does not really mean obedience or total submission. It is how you let him feel the importance of his ideas and opinions when it comes to decision-making. You cannot always insist on being right. If possible, allow him to have the last say on your plans in life. Allow him to take the driver’s seat in other words.

  7. Listen to his words. Listening is not listening if you counter-argue and rebut his points. There are times that your man just wants to have someone to listen to him. He has his weak moments too. When he starts to talk seriously, just listen. If he needs an answer, then that’s the time for you to come in.

  8. Don’t be a nagger. It is natural for couples to encounter problems, and nagging over your man won’t do anything good. The worst mistake you can make is to blame him for something as if it is his fault. If you do that, you are devaluing his presence. During trying times, lean on each other’s shoulder. Talk as a couple and resolve the issue together. He’ll love you more if he doesn’t hear anything negative from you.

  9. Avoid the “rise from the grave” arguments. Issues in the past belong in the past. They should not be brought out every time you argue. Most men find it very irritating talking about a certain issue over and over again. The rule is simple - once a case is closed, it must remain closed forever.

  10. Be patient and understanding. You wouldn’t want to insist on a new car if your man has no funds for it yet. If he can’t buy you diamonds this time, don’t fault him for that. If he has problems in the office, you should be the very first person to understand how he feels. If he is hurt, give him comfort. If he wants to break a leg on a given activity, support him. If he wants to top an exam, be there always.

It is very basic that you should know how to make your man love you, or else he’ll leave you for good. When left alone, you’ll be asking yourself questions like “What have I done? What went wrong?” Before anything drastic happens to your relationship, you better be on guard. It is a nice feeling when you are the apple of his eyes, and he sees no one but you. If your man is contented and satisfied with you, there is no reason why he should be looking for another girl.


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