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how to make your own birthday invitations

how to make your own birthday invitations

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year’s are just a few of the special days that we look forward to. Today, with the help of a computer, you can make use of your artistic imagination and explore how to make your own birthday invitations or any other type of invitation card. For your upcoming birthday party, you can surely create customized and personalized invitation materials inexpensively. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  1. Prepare the materials you will need. Gather those not-so-old extra photos of yours, colored pens, little ribbons, glue and a glue gun, stickers with many designs, scissors, and a few pieces of 8.5 by 11 silky photo paper.

  2. Cut the photo paper into 4 equal sizes. This will depend on how many people you plan to send out your personalized invitation cards to. The more people, the more paper you need. Cut the 4 edges of each piece to make them finer. You can use any specialized kind of scissors or cutter to stylize the edges.


  3. Cut your picture into different shapes. Your photo shapes can vary from heart to diamond to oblong. While cutting your photos, make sure the focus is on the face with every shape you make. In case you have insufficient number of photos, scan photos and print more out on excess photo paper.

  4. Attached your photo to the paper. This time you will make use of your hot glue gun. Apply a moderate amount of glue on the back of the photo to avoid messing up your design. You can choose various locations to individualize each invitation.

  5. Write down important details. You have to observe the rule about the “5Ws and 1H,” which stands for who, what, where, when, why, and how. But for purposes of your birthday party, just provide the details on what (Birthday Party), who (Your Name), when and where (Time and Place). You can add a statement about attire, if necessary.

    Try to arrange the writing in an organized manner. Make sure you do not overload a certain portion of the card.

  6. Put on colorful stickers. Add any stickers you want to reflect your personality. For instance, one sticker might be your favorite flower.

    In lieu of stickers, you can cut out images from old magazines. There may be beautiful sceneries like beaches, deep forests, or open plains

  7. Add a small ribbon to a corner of the card. Match the ribbon color with the stickers and images on the card. Colorful ribbons with a touch of silver are great for this.

  8. Place into an envelope. This is not mandatory, particularly if there is no need for mailing them out.

    For instance, if you intend to invite friends in the neighborhood and classmates in school, you can give out the invitation cards by hand.

Your birthday is expected to be something special. You can make it even more special by creating your own personalized invitation cards. These steps on how to make your own birthday invitations using old materials at home is very much workable and cost-efficient. This saves you money and lets you use your creativity to make custom invitation cards.  


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