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How to Make Your Own Cat Food

How to Make Your Own Cat Food

Advertisements on the labels of canned cat foods are sometimes misleading. This has lead cat owners to put the matter into their own hands – to make sure that their beloved cats are getting enough nutrition from their food. Learning how to make your own cat food will certainly ensure that you are giving them quality food products. The following procedures may help.

  1. Don’t hesitate to experiment by starting to gather ingredients with consideration to the nutrients they provide. Not all cats like the same variety. It all depends on their exposure to them according to their owner’s discretion. It is not true that cats only like to eat fish or seafood products. Not all of them live near the sea or are raised by fish-eating people.

  2. Fish is a rich source of iodine and protein. If preparing fresh ones, take the small bones out because rural cats can’t handle small bones. Also add eggs to their diet once in a while, but don’t do it more than once weekly.

  3. The most nutritious food for cats is live or freshly killed mice, but they can get these themselves while hunting at night.

    can just create uncooked recipes to resemble this. Chicken meat is a good alternate. Grounded internal organs like liver, gizzard and kidneys provide the same nutrition as the mice. Though they should only be a minimal part of the diet because excessive Vitamin A is not good for cats.  Since fresh meat will start to deteriorate after 30 minutes, slightly cook them to make sure that they are still edible when your cat is ready to eat.

  4. Wheat, barley and oat grains like rice are good for cats without limit. They are packed with common vitamins and minerals. Other supplements will be beneficial when added in limited amounts. Examples of these are milk, cheese and vegetables. They will make the food more appealing to cats. Most cats are lactose intolerant, so avoid mixing a substantial amount of milk-based products to your homemade cat foods.

  5. Be creative in cooking foods for your cats. You can come up with two or three different recipes using the same ingredients. Just play with the amounts of ingredients and procedures. Also alternate various types of meat like chicken, pork or beef – as well as the classes of grains.

  6. Preserve cat foods using tightly sealed containers. Wet foods must be refrigerated, and the dry ones should be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not expose prepared foods for a long time in the open. Cats will lose interest easily when the aroma of the food has evaporated. Reusable air-tight containers must be kept clean when re-filling them. Ideal cat foods must not only be delicious and nutritious, but also hygienic to avoid diseases.

Learning how to make your own cat food might require extra effort on your part, but this can save you some money, especially now that the price of store-bought cat foods is steadily increasing together with other basic commodities. You do not have to be an expert dietician to come up with the right recipe. Perhaps researching a little and practicing a lot can make it perfect.


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