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how to make your own clothes

how to make your own clothes

Daydreaming about how to make your own clothes will not reward you. You can, however, make your dream a reality by learning how to sew first. Sewing used to be a skill that a lady would have. It is becoming very rare nowadays due to the changing priorities. When products can instantly be purchased immediately to ease your burdens, why strive for it by doing it on your own from scratch? Sewing is one of the basic daily activities that helps balance our well-being. This is a natural therapy for stress. The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your being will be engaged in one wholesome activity when you sew. This is the part which most of us underestimates. You can start making some simple clothing like pajamas with an elastic waistband or a sleeveless shirt. You can then explore more projects after going through these guidelines in making your own clothes.

  1. Inspire yourself with the latest fashion trends. You will notice that designs from the past like the disco styles of the 70’s are actually recycled. Remember the elements that you like.

    It could be the asymmetrical dress hemline or the thick borders of the waistline. Clip some pictures from fashion magazines and stick them on a board visible to you the moment you wake up.

  2. Illustrate your ideas through sketches. Have that large sketch pad handy so that you can draw new ideas as you envision them. Color the sketches with all the trimmings. You cannot be wrong on this one because you are just expressing your own personality through your drawings.

  3. Learn to create a technical sketch that includes the actual measurements needed to do a sewing pattern. Measurements of the neckline, waist, chest, armholes, shoulders, and the length of the clothing must be indicated. Any dressmaker will be able to show you how to do this.

  4. Test your sewing skills by purchasing a sewing machine of your choice. New technology allows anyone to sew who knows how to follow directions. Choose a machine based on your sewing capability. Start repairing or remodeling some of your old clothes like raising the hemline of the dress or lowering the neckline.

  5. Sew your own designs following the details of your technical sketch. Make the pattern first to avoid major mistakes. You can ask a professional tailor to mentor you on this. Get the matching fabrics for your designs. Once you are satisfied with the outcome of your own clothes, a friend will be too willing to model for you so that you can work from another perspective.

  6. Always upgrade your sewing habits. If you are computer literate, make use of creative software like Adobe Photoshop and Digital Fashion Pro to make your creations systematic and professional. This way you can see the preview of your design before it is even made.

  7. Seek further studies when you are convinced that you are capable to enter the fashion industry. An online fashion study is the least that you can do. There are also short courses in fashion and dressmaking. Keep up with the fast-evolving fashion trends by equipping yourself with the technical and creative knowledge offered by career-oriented schools or independent educators for the industry.

Knowing how to make your own clothes is just one basic stage towards your fashion designing dream. You’ll be able to enjoy this chosen field when you welcome all the methods made available without losing your own sense of style, your eye for quality, and risk-taking creativity. This is the way to become not just another fashion designer.


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