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How to Make Yourself Look Older with Makeup

How to Make Yourself Look Older with Makeup

A lot of people would pay thousands of dollars to look younger. However, it can also be downright irritating to be mistaken as being younger than you are, especially under certain circumstances like in bars, casinos, or even just looking for a job. The unfortunate thing is that most of the time, age is equated to maturity, which is why not looking old enough also gives the impression of being immature and not yet ready to be trusted. If you are one of those people who look younger than you really are and want to change that fact, here are some tricks for how to make yourself look older with makeup:

  1. Apply foundation to cover up blemishes. Acne is considered an affliction of youth, and if you have it, then you will always be mistaken as a young person. Cover up your acne by applying a moisturizing, non-matte foundation as a base for your makeup. Just make sure that you use a damp sponge for applying foundation since caked-on foundation will only result in creases and wrinkles as it settles into the fine lines. While wrinkles definitely make you look older, they also look downright unflattering.

  2. Create contours on your face. One of the things that make you look young is a lack of contour on your face. A soft, round face that looks young can be transformed by adding some contours in order to sharpen facial features. Use a blusher with a darker tone to create contours on your cheeks. The dark tone will make your cheeks look like they are a little sunken-in, thus downplaying the roundness of your cheeks. Use a lighter tone on the areas above your cheekbones to make the lower part stand out.

  3. Make your nose slimmer. A button nose can look cute and all, but it also makes you look a lot younger than you already are. Add contour to your nose and make it look edgier by applying a cover stick, bronzer, or foundation that is slightly darker than your normal skin tone to the sides of your nose. Let it blend well with your normal skin color. Apply a gold or pale color highlighter to the bridge of your nose to make it look thinner and more pointed.

  4. Wear dark lipstick. Save the light shades for those people who want to look young. If you want to look older, wear a dark shade of lipstick with colors like deep red, burgundy, or brown. Make sure that it complements your skin tone. Lose the lip shimmer or lip gloss; shimmering lips do not look professional and are more associated with teenagers. Use a lip liner to create an outline, making sure not to go over the edges of your lips, and then apply your lipstick.

  5. Use dark eye makeup. Applying a “smoky” look to your eyes can seem like a bold choice, but it will also make you look older and more sophisticated. It adds intensity and depth to your eyes. Use black, brown, or gray eyeliner to frame your eyes, and then use dark mascara to make your lashes fuller. Stay with colors that are of the same tone or a tad darker than your eyelashes. Avoid light or pastel colors. Use an eye shadow that matches your hair or eyebrow color, or you may layer the colors, with the lightest just under your eyebrow, and the darkest shade along the crease of your eyes. You may also use an eyebrow pencil to define wispy eyebrows. The most important thing in applying eye makeup is to not overdo it.

Learning how to make yourself look older with makeup is a great way to help you look more mature and experienced. Aside from makeup, acting with confidence and wisdom will convince other people that you are a really mature individual.


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