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How to Make Yourself Look Pretty

How to Make Yourself Look Pretty

There are many ways to beautify yourself and transform your looks without having to spend a small fortune. Check out these pointers on how to make yourself look pretty:

  1. Wear attractive outfits. Your clothes should fit right and highlight your best features and hide anything you don’t like. Wear colors that flatter your skin tone, and buy quality clothing, as they last longer and look better.

  2. If you are short, choose outfits that give you the illusion of height, such as horizontal stripes, one-piece dresses, or monochromatic combinations, for example.

  3. Get a hair makeover. Change your hairstyle to a new flattering haircut and color. This will remarkably change your appearance. If your budget is tight, focus on hair color first. You can buy relatively inexpensive to use at home. Blow dry or flat iron your hair to eliminate frizz. Make sure you apply heat protectants on your tresses beforehand.

  4. Give yourself a home facial.

    First, wash your face with a mild soap. Then, apply a face mask from a drugstore or make one out of raw egg whites. Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

  5. Put on makeup. Start with primer, and follow up with a layer of foundation. Do not use too much. Dab concealer under your eyes while making sure you don't pull on the delicate under-eye skin. Then, set this base with some loose powder.

  6. Pluck out stray eyebrows before you fill in sparse spots with eyebrow powder. Apply eyeshadow that flatters your eye color and line your lids so your peepers are more defined. Apply two coats of mascara or stick on false eyelashes to open up your eyes.

  7. Apply some blush on the apples of your cheeks and put a bit of highlighter on your brow bone just below the outer ends of your brows and on the tops of your cheeks.

  8. Put on light-colored lipstick for a fresh, rejuvenated look. If you want your lips to look plumper, apply a lighter shade at the center of your lips and top everything off with lip gloss.

  9. Maintain good posture as this will help give you a confident vibe and make your clothes look better on you.

  10. Smile more; this makes you look more vibrant and pleasing. Watch funny videos or put cute, smile-inducing photos on your smartphone so you can look at them when you need some positive vibes.

  11. Whiten your teeth to improve your smile. You can use home teeth bleaching kits for this purpose.

  12. Engaging in a heart-pumping and sweat-inducing activity helps boost circulation and bring a healthy glow to your skin. You also improve body tone by working out or doing physical activities that you enjoy.

More important than figuring out how to make yourself look pretty is loving yourself no matter what. High self-esteem improves every aspect of your life, so keep in mind that “beauty is only skin deep.”


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