How to Make Yourself Pretty

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How to Make Yourself Pretty

Personality and brains comprise inner beauty, which is much more important than physical beauty. However, people can succumb to the pressure of looking pretty due to the onslaught of beauty magazines, sexy ads, and celebrity endorsements. Whatever the motivation, know that cosmetic surgery should be your last resort as you figure out ways on how to make yourself pretty. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Maintain your personal hygiene

    Most standards of beauty are based on good personal hygiene. Brush and flush regularly and get your teeth cleaned twice a year to maintain white teeth. Follow a skin care regimen that fits your skin type to ensure clear, smooth skin. If you have acne, there are various homemade and over-the-counter remedies that you can try. Consult your dermatologist on their recommended treatment options for the skin problem you have. Lastly, shave, wax, or pluck any unwanted hair growth.

  2. Dress appropriately

    While everyone wants to be pretty overall immediately, this is not realistic. You may want to focus on one aspect first. Progress in one aspect will give you the motivation to keep working on other aspects of beauty.

    Wearing the right clothes can significantly make you prettier. Well-fitting clothes that are appropriate to your body type can hide what you consider to be flaws and can highlight your best assets. There are so many options out there. Make sure to follow fashion trends to look stylish, but also be sure to wear whatever makes you look good in terms of fit, cut, and color. What’s most important is that the clothes fit you well and flatter your figure. If you insist on squeezing into a smaller size, the person looking at you will most likely just notice that you look like you’re bursting out of your shirt.

  3. Get a flattering haircut

    Similar to dressing your best, a flattering haircut and makeup can transform you from average to pretty. Use the free applications online that can help you select the best haircut after you upload your picture.

  4. Wear makeup

    Do extensive research on makeup techniques and practice on your face. Get your friends to help you decide what makes you look pretty and build your techniques around that.

Learning how to make yourself pretty takes time, but once you have it done, you can transform yourself.


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