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how to manage diabetes

how to manage diabetes

Nothing will shock you if you know what you’re dealing with. Anticipate that there will always be some reactions for every diabetes treatment you apply to control it. You are solely responsible for making it good or bad. How to manage diabetes does not depend on medications alone. Your attitude towards caring for it matters the most. Try this systematic approach if you have been diagnosed with the disease recently:

  1. Do not treat your diabetes without knowing the background and without clear directions. Do research because, once you have it, you’re going to have to live with it. Once you already determine what triggers the symptoms, you might as well prevent them from happening. Monitoring your sugar level in the blood is helpful to be able to perform the corresponding remedy for a particular situation.

  2. Have the courage to be independent in administering blood testing procedures using a meter kit and in incorporating a healthy diet to your everyday life. The thought of pricking yourself with a needle sounds bizarre sometimes, but once you get used to it, it will easily become a way of life.

    he same with your new diet plan. The good thing with this is that you are nurturing your body with different choices of foods.

  3. Find a diabetes specialist and other reliable doctors for certain disorders if you already have some complications. Build a professional relationship with them and follow their advice and prescriptions. There’s no point hiring the best doctor in the world if you do not follow their orders.

  4. Be honest in taking your medications. The dosage, frequency, and amount of medicines are designed based on the extent of the disease in your body. Do not discontinue some drugs if they make you feel much worse without informing your doctor. If the symptoms surpass the benefits, the doctor may have to do some adjustments or totally replace the drugs in question.

  5. Do not break your eating schedule. It is not enough to get the right kind and amount of foods to control diabetes. Proper timing also has a tremendous impact. Eating at the same time every day will prevent the fluctuation of sugar levels in the blood. If you are used to eating natural snacks, continue this regimen in all circumstances. Bring sugar tablets with you when travelling to replace any meals that you’re going to miss.

  6. Do not overlook the major benefits of exercise. Insulin can be processed by the body better when your blood circulation is not disrupted due to a lack of movement. It will help keep your desired weight by lowering fats. Most of all, it eliminates stress.

  7. Have your testing kits and supplements handy at all times. Bring with you what you may need when not at your own home. If you have a history of hyperglycemia, get urine testing kit for ketones. If the tendency is hyploglycemic, always have sugar tablets or snacks in your bag.

How to manage diabetes can overwhelm you but you’ll get used to it. Aside from knowing your body, the key is in being aware of the available treatments and their negative and positive effects. It is best not to be too dependent on drugs. Balance the chemical-based remedies with natural and alternative therapies. With diabetes, proper diet and exercise are vital. Diabetics must make regular exercise and a healthy diet part of their daily routine. Is there quality of life after diabetes? It’s really up to you!


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