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how to manage employees

how to manage employees

Many employers are continually challenged on how to manage employees effectively. Most human resource managers and supervisors likewise face the same challenge. In modern times, the emerging human resource philosophy is to put first the employees’ welfare before anything else. In other words, the employees’ welfare occupies the top echelon of the hierarchy of management priorities. Hence, putting the clients’ concern ahead of anything is a management and business principle that belongs in the past and cannot survive in this modern world. Having a group of employees properly performing their daily task of manning the business is very important. Workers are the forerunners of the economies all over the world. Without workers, there would be no production. Because of the importance and the value of the employees in any organization, it is only just, right, and proper to humanely manage them. As human beings they must be treated with respect. So, what should an employer or his agent do to keep his valuable employees? Below are very important reminders on how to oversee your employees effectively and how to make them work happily.


  • Communication. The line must always be open both ways. The manager must see to it that the flow of communication within the working unit is unhampered. This does not only mean day-to-day communication but also refers as well to letting everybody know about the vision, mission, and the goals, both short and long term, of the business or organization.

    The employees must also know about their opportunities for career development growth within the organization. It is not required, however, to make it known to everyone literally. There must be some form of communication that informs employees of the aforementioned things.

  • Increase employee participation in forming ideas and offering solutions to problems. Two or more heads are better than one, and that strong teamwork achieves more. In other words, more input of ideas implies that the solution to a problem can be better formed and eventually implemented. The importance of soliciting opinions from the employees on various aspect of the workplace makes them feel that they are part of the family. In doing so, employees get more motivated to work knowing the he or she has a stake in the success of the organization as a whole.

  • Provide employees opportunities for growth and development. Have a good management plan that spells out individual plans for each and every employee in terms of his or her growth and development. The level of their competencies and skills must be assessed and enhanced.

  • Promote teamwork. Always encourage your employees to help each other out but not to the point of being completely dependent on one another. Total dependency of one worker on another is laziness. Teamwork makes the job easier. It creates a better working environment because everyone looks out for the welfare of everybody else in the organization.

  • Recognize each employee’s achievements and good performance. It is not always about giving financial awards. The recognition does not have to be monetary. It could be something like sending the employee to a leadership enhancement program or seminar.

  • Be fair to everyone. Those who are wrong must not be condemned in the midst or in the presence of the other employees. Reprimand workers privately. Doing so ensures the employee has the chance to redeem themselves and change without being ridiculed and embarrassed.

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and nurture it. Without trust, all else will fall. The employer must trust the employees, and in return, the employees must trust the employer. By building an atmosphere of trust, all of the preceding points can be achieved and developed.

  • With these key points at hand, the question of how to manage employees becomes easy to answer. Take care of your employees and manage them effectively. Sooner than expected, it will make them efficient and inspired workers.  


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