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how to market eBooks

how to market eBooks

The fact that e-books can enrich your earnings is one thing, but how to market e-books is another thing. Electronic books or digital books are readable on certain electronic devices such as computers or smartphones. If you want to earn more by selling e-books, there are five essential tips to follow. Once you understand them, you can earn more money.

  1. Choose a good subject matter and advertise. It’s said that selling what you like is easiest. But this isn’t true all the time. In selling e-books, choose the subjects that are very relevant to the demands and needs of your customers. The technique is to do a keyword research to learn what consumers are looking for and see what the market already offers. You can also find trending topics in online forums.

    Next, move into advertising. This is a very vital part of your marketing plan that will help you sell e-books. There are at least two important factors to consider. First, the content of your ads must be appropriate and concise, informative and catchy.

    econd, post your ads in the right place, which is where your target customers are likely to be.

  2. Provide an easy payment system. Online payment can be tricky if you don’t use a system that’s both safe and fast. Online prefer an easy mode of payment featuring several options. The easier the system, the more e-books you’ll sell.

    Any payment option you choose must be safe for the buyer and the seller. You, as seller, may opt to enroll into some of the online payment companies that are low-cost, fast, trustworthy and reliable. PayPal, Xoom, Alert Pay, and Google Checkout are only a few of the companies that process payments on the Internet. These companies can be useful to you in increasing your sales because most of them permit electronic payment straight from the bank accounts of your customers.

  3. Set reasonable and affordable prices. Buyers love discounts, promos and freebies. It’s basic marketing knowledge that cheaper products are more attractive than the expensive ones. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to undervalue your items, otherwise you won’t yield any profit. This means that your prices should be affordable.

    How will you know that the price you set is the correct price? There’s no such thing as right value for every item being sold online. To set a reasonable price, visit some of the online stores selling items similar to your goods, and examine their price lists. Set your price list similar to theirs without compromising your target earnings. After all, you have different marketing strategies. So even if you go a little higher than theirs, as long as you have a solid marketing plan in selling e-books, at some point you’ll enjoy an edge over them.

  4. All -day customer support can enhance your sales. Selling e-books, just like any other successful online stores, requires a customer care hotline. There are things that must be taken care of to serve your customers and clients well. Also, clients sometime have questions before they place their orders. You should be ready to provide prompt replies. As long as you establish reliable customer care, you’ll increase your e-book sales.

  5. Prompt delivery is necessary. Online selling entails delivery or shipment, unless your client agrees to pick up the item. But for the purposes of e-books, the easiest way to deliver is through email via an attached file. Note that this process involves manually attaching a file to an email, which some sellers finds slow and ineffective.

    There’s another delivery option: Use an online platform that has the capacity to directly deliver the e-books upon receipt of payment. You can also consider having your e-books be delivered on tangible items like CDs or DVDs. Just be ready with your customer support because some customers expect their items to arrive much earlier than the estimated date. You may need to explain the delivery process to them.

Good subject matter, effective advertising, easy payment, reasonable prices, reliable customer support and prompt delivery -- master all these techniques for how to market eBooks successfully and you’ll be on your way to earning more money.


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