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how to market new business

how to market new business

For entirely new enterprises, how to market a new business is an important factor that must be given enough attention, besides looking for funding, partners and sponsors. Your customers are the set of people or entities that will keep your business surviving in the long run. Without them, there’s no business to speak of. Have you noticed that there are not-so-good products that are selling really well? On the flip side, have you also noticed that there are well-crafted items that aren’t selling well? The success of one product over the other isn’t always based on the products alone but more on how they’re marketed. Here are three basic ideas that can help you market your new business.

  1. Know your market and where to find your customers. Your target market is dependent on the kind of products or services you’re offering. You can’t market toward elderly if you’re selling the latest teddy bears, dolls and Batman and Robin toys. Likewise, you aren’t likely to sell to males if your primary goods are beauty products.

    The trick is to know your market and target it.

    have newly manufactured dolls, the market those at a local school, for example. If possible, partner with the school management and offer to donate as prizes some of your products for school activities and school-related competitions. After all, that’s part of your promotional expenses.

  2. Draw more attention with enticing offers. Excellent services and quality products are essential. But what will keep your customers loyal is giving out freebies. Not only that, it’s very wise to offer promotional sales, discount coupons and discounted items.

    More importantly, make your current shoppers feel special. This not only makes them happy but entices them to tell others good things about your store or products. Your goal is for them to bring in their officemates, schoolmates, friends and others the next day they arrive. That’s a powerful concept.

  3. Carry aspects of your old business into your new one. Your new business may be entirely different from the previous one, although both may be in existence at the same time. But in the clients from your previous business are the same ones you should invite to check on your new business. This works because people already trust you from their experiences with your past business, and when you inform them that you are putting up another store, they’ll be honored to be with you.

    When inviting people to a new store, always spell their names correctly. It feels really good when your name is written correctly on a card with a nota bene saying, “Your presence is highly expected. We would love to see you around.”

These three ideas have proven effective, doable, cheap and really successful. If you want more ideas on how to market a new business, expand your horizon by researching the Internet.


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