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how to market to teenagers

how to market to teenagers

Teenagers and young people alike are buying consumers. But the hot items for them are so varied, from food and beverages to personal care items, jerseys and other apparel, books, online games, entertainment, and many others. Thus, you need to know how to market to teenagers if they’re your target customers. Marketing strategies vary depending on the kind of customers you have in mind. For kids, you may opt to advertise on the Disney Channel, for example. For fashion-conscious women, placing some ads on a for-her-magazine is a good idea. But for teenagers, you can use four simple marketing tips.

  1. Young people spend much of their time and money online.  Teenagers are considered the primary players in the Internet generation, players in the sense that their very source of entertainment is the Internet. They shop online, engage in many social media sites, blog and chat. While they’re almost tagged as Internet addicts, you can capitalize on that so you can reach them and eventually market your products to them.

  2. Design an email campaign tailored for teens.

    strong>Young people are not really hard to please, but the only problem with them is that their attention span is relatively short. More than that, they love to do what’s called multi-tasking, like watching TV while surfing the Internet.

    Be as it may, email marketing is highly effective if you know how to make it catchy, concise, convincing and captivating. Make sure your main message is prominently written, straightforward and direct. Avoid putting in unnecessary information and lots of buttons to click. If you do so, you increase the risk of losing them quickly.

    Are audio clips, video clips, and graphics effective? Not really. While these modes of advertising are fun, they actually distract the viewers, especially if the video or audio presentation is messy. With too many effects, teenagers are likely to delete your email before you can lead them to your website.

  3. Hit the social market. On top of all the networking sites is the Facebook. Statistically, people from 12 to 22 years old commonly have Facebook accounts. The best way to market to a larger crowd is on Facebook because imagine that each teen has at least 100 friends. Multiply that times the number of young people who are Facebook members, and you get a really huge number.

    Navigate to facebook.com and create an account representing your company. Remember, teens add lots of friends and like lots of things on Facebook. Each time someone asks you to be a friend, confirm it right away. This is mandatory if you want your business to reach a wider audience of teenagers.

  4. Incorporate top-rated movies on your products and promotional campaigns. This is tricky but highly effective. Teenagers are the very first fans to hit the movie houses for the latest “Transformers,” “GI Joe,” “Twilight” or “Harry Potter.” They simply love movies. In your promotional campaigns, find a way to incorporate such movies, or any trending movie for that matter, along with your products. You’ll see how it will draw the biggest teenager crowds in your area.

You can improve your business by marketing to teenagers. Teens as your target market are almost everywhere, like in schools, movie houses, malls and gaming areas. In your business, learn how to market to teenagers to reap revenues beyond your imagination.


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