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How to Measure Hat Sizes

How to Measure Hat Sizes

A lot of people love to wear hats not just for sun protection, but also to make a fashion statement. While some would simply put a hat on their heads to determine the size that suits them, others prefer to use hats with adjustable straps to do away with the problem of incorrect hat sizes. Before purchasing a hat, you must know first how to measure hat sizes. Hat sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. The style of the hat also affects its size. Nonetheless, just like with clothing, the difference in hat sizes is not too wide. These days, knowing how to measure a correct hat size remains relevant, especially if you shop online and thereby do not have the opportunity to actually fit the hat. For simple steps on how to measure a correct hat size, read on below.

  1. Secure measuring materials. You need to have a flexible measuring tape, a pencil, and a calculator. The measurement details, as recorded, shall be used as the basis for computing a hat size.

  2. Secure a hat size conversion table.

    This is very important in determining your hat size. Once you have made the calculations, you can then refer to the figures for conversion.

  3. Measure your head's circumference. Using a flexible tape measure, measure your head size; hold the starting tip of the tape at the center of your forehead, approximately 1 inch above your eyebrow. Turn the tape all around your head, particularly covering the widest part of your head until it reaches the starting point. Make sure that the tape measure fits snugly on your head while measuring.

  4. Write down the measurements. Jot the measurements down immediately for future reference. Take your measurement in inches and centimeters so you can refer to any kind of chart.

  5. Calculate head size. Using a calculator, get the quotient of your head size by dividing the circumference of your head with the pi value of 3.1416. The result will give you the measurement to use for your hat size.

  6. Check the hat size conversion chart. You can do away with the mathematical computation. Just use the hat chart, which will automatically provide your exact hat size depending on your head circumference.

  7. Ask for help. In the event that you have doubts about your calculations, you can ask for help from a hat salesperson and allow him or her to confirm your measurements. As the saying goes, "you have to leave it to the experts sometimes."

Regardless of why you wear hats, knowing how to measure hat sizes is definitely helpful. All you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned steps. Once you are done, you are on your way to wearing a hat that fits your style and suits your taste. If you want to see a wide selection of hat designs, go on the Internet and visit a number of online shops mainly offering hats.


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