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how to mend a broken relationship

how to mend a broken relationship

Love is a precious feeling. It is one of the most beautiful things that one can experience. Having someone to love is the same as having a reason to wake up every morning, and to be loved in return is like finding heaven here on earth. Love is a gift given by God, which everyone must cherish. However, in the event your love affair is no longer working just the way you wanted it to and a break up follows, what will you do? Let us find out how to mend a broken relationship. Love is something so essential that without it humans would feel emptiness. If one day, you discover that your relationships is about to end, you can choose either to let go or hold on. As the saying goes “if you love the person set him or her free.” However, insofar as love is still there, never give up. Here are valuable strategies in mending a broken relationship.

  1. Give space. After a serious quarrel, it can be expected that the two of you are still saturated. In the meantime, do not attempt to call nor send a note to your partner.

    t is not yet time to talk about the problem. In other words, just allow time to normalize the situation.

  2. Talk and open up. Nothing can be resolved unless you start to talk. Put all your cards on the table. Bring up the common cause or causes of your fights and misunderstandings and then present possible resolutions. Evaluate what you hate most about each other and, if possible, make counter-offers. It is a fact that not all couples can really get along easily, so try to settle your differences.

  3. Say you're sorry. Part of a successful love affair is to know when to ask for forgiveness. After it is identified that you are at fault, saying “I am sorry” could mean so much. Sometimes, in a love quarrel all it takes is a sincere apology and an expression of regret.

  4. Offer a compromise. In a relationship it is important that you talk, listen, and understand at the same time. A good relationship can grow further when both of you know how to compromise and understand each other. Know when to lower your pride, rather than face the risk of losing the person you love.

  5. Spend time together. Time is a very essential factor for a love affair to survive. Once it is established that one of the issues affecting your relationship is lack of time, make up for it. Improve the quality of your bonding moments. Plan for a vacation trip, so you both can make up for the lost time.

  6. Understand each other. Other than sincere love, the other keys to a better relationship are understanding, trust, faithfulness, care and respect. These essential factors must work together to achieve a healthy love affair. Learn to trust, regardless of the circumstances you both are facing. Remember, love is not a fairytale. There are moments that you'll argue, become rude and impatient. Learn that love, to some extent, is a give and take equation.

If your relationship has just ended, you may follow these simple ways on how to mend a broken relationship and bring back your love again. There are a number of couples who believe that once you find love, never let go of it. Have faith and learn that what you are going through is only a milestone for both of you to be stronger. Always yearn to love unconditionally for loving is having a glimpse of heaven. Corinthians 13:13 says that when faith, hope and love remain, still the greatest among them is love.


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