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How to Milk a Cow by Hand

How to Milk a Cow by Hand

Nowadays on big farms, cows are no longer milked by hand as technology has invaded even the farming business.  It’s not practical to do it by hand when you have more than thirty cows to milk. But on smaller farms, milking cows is still done by hand, and it is relatively easy and enjoyable. Read the following procedures on how to milk a cow by hand:

  1. Cows are milked twice a day and the first milking would be in the morning. The best milk is the first batch extracted from the mother cow early in the morning. Give this to the young calves for them to get the best vitamins and minerals they need to keep healthy. It takes approximately half an hour to one hour to milk one cow. First, brush your cow’s hair to make sure no dirt or any foreign bodies will drop to your milk pail. With a damp cloth, wipe her teats and udders to make sure they are free from dirt or spoilt milk and won’t contaminate the newly extracted milk. Do this thoroughly.

  2. Feed her with fresh hay to keep her busy while you position yourself and your clean milk pail right behind her body.

    a stool to sit on while you do the milking. Massage her udders and teats area repeatedly for her to relax and to stimulate more milk. In the morning, expect it to be bulging with a lot of milk. The mother cow will welcome it to be extracted as it gets really heavy.

  3. Position one of her teats between your thumb and the base of your pointer finger. Press on the base in order to stop the milk from going back to the udders. With your other fingers, squeeze the teat against your palm to release milk. Then release, so more milk can go down to the teat area again. Do this in several repetitions and do the same using your other hand to another teat. Make sure all cow teats are milked in one milking session, and stop when you can see the milk is depleted.

  4. Repeat the same milking procedure later in the day with the same cow or with other cows if you have more than one lactating cow. This may look painful, but the cow is actually not in pain at all. Depending on the breed of your cow, you can get as much as 12 to 14 gallons of milk from each cow every day.  More than enough for your own consumption. You can sell some because if they are not properly preserved, the milk easily gets spoiled. Milking cows can be a profitable business.  All you need to do is know where to sell the milk products.

  5. Save the milk in bottles with covers and refrigerate to keep it fresh. Milk can be pasteurized and processed to make the storage life longer and to enhance the vitamins and minerals in milk. The process will also clear the milk from possible bacteria or microorganisms that are harmful for humans.

It is relatively easy to learn how to milk a cow by hand. This just requires some time and effort as the procedure is manual. When you finally get used to it, milking each cow will just take 30 minutes each time. You will have a fresh supply of milk all the time. Newly extracted cow’s milk extracted is very rich and nutritious to the body. Processing the milk is another way to make it last longer.


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