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How to Mix Essential Oils for Perfume

How to Mix Essential Oils for Perfume

It is important to consider the chemistry between a perfume and its wearer. While it is a matter of personal preference, how to mix essential oils for perfume is absolutely necessary when you find it hard to find the right perfume for you – among the commercially available products. When you are determined to make your own perfume formula, refer to these instructions:

  1. Get accustomed to the essential oils you need and other substances for perfume making aside from Jojoba, jasmine, rose and almond oils. Vodka is also commonly used in perfumes. Bergamot is a Mediterranean tree with pear-shaped orange fruit with rind that produces essential oil for perfumes. Spearmint, the flavor used in tooth paste and chewing gum, is also important. Frankincense has warm, balsamic and sweet aroma where the oil is also used for anointing in the Middle East. Sandalwood is a class of fragrant woods where the oil is extracted from its woods - that retains its fragrance when applied. Cassis is from blackcurrants.

  2. Get clean and dark glass bottles according to the number of experimental trial mixes.

    Decide on the mood of the blend that you want to create. Select at least three categories of oils for the mixture but you can use more, if you like. Essential oils are concentrated – it’s best to limit them to 3 with one as top, another one for middle and the last one for the base. Test the mixtures to see which one suits you best by applying each one on your inner wrist. Add the base first, followed by the middle level oil and finally the top oil.

  3. Start with the commonly made perfume. Funnel one teaspoon of oil and one teaspoon of vodka into one bottle and mix. This will serve as the base oil. Add two drops of almond oil for the middle level shaking the bottle after each drop - then top with two drops of Jojoba oil upon settling down. Don’t forget to shake the bottle after every drop. Seal the cover tightly and store in a cool and dry storage place for ten days. Shake the mixture three times each day.

  4. Create a long lasting perfume in the second bottle using two drops of sandalwood oil for the base. Shake well after every drop. Add in a drop of Bergamot oil for the middle level and shake before adding another drop. The top level can be a combination of one drop jasmine and one drop rose. Shake according to the usual procedure. Store and shake just like the first one.

  5. Inspire yourself by doing this exciting mix in the third bottle. Squeeze only one drop of frankincense oil. Do the necessary shaking - to scatter the base oil. Put the first drop of spearmint into the bottle and also shake. Follow this with the second drop and shake accordingly to complete the mid-level oil. Use grapefruit and rosemary for the top level with 3 drops of each – shaking after adding every drop of the combined oils. Cover tightly and then store and shake just like the first two bottles of perfume.

  6. Seal natural freshness in the fourth bottle. Use sandalwood again as the base by adding two drops into the bottle and shake after every drop. This time, use three drops of Bergamot oil for the middle level but continue to shake as normal. Finally, add three drops of chassis for the top oil plus the shaking after adding each drop. Cover with the bottle lid again and store in a suitable spot for ten days. Don’t forget to shake every day for three times.

You can adjust the measurements on how to mix essential oils for perfume. Just bear in mind that the top fragrant will be smelled first. The middle level oil will support the top fragrance as the body of the perfume to enhance the smell. The base oil provides the lingering scent.


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