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How to Modify Cat Behavior

How to Modify Cat Behavior

It is a fact that, like humans, cats have different personalities. Some are very meek, others are friendly and still others are aloof and have bad tempers. Like humans, it is also possible for them to change. You just need the rights skills and a bit of patience to be able to achieve this goal. Here are pointers on how to modify cat behavior:

  1. Be a keen observer. Observe whether your cat is acting differently. It is very possible that your cat is suffering from stress or anxiety. Consult a veterinarian on any medication he needs to prescribe. When your cat normally pees in the litter box and suddenly he pees just anywhere, this indicates anxiety. Make sure the problem is addressed to avoid even more serious medical problems in the future.

  2. Impose discipline at a young age, like teaching kittens where to pee and unload - using the litter box. If suddenly your cat misbehaves, make a loud, startling sound. This makes him aware that you are upset and not happy with his misbehavior. Do not tolerate this sudden bad behavior from your pet cat.

    Sure they are cute and lovable, but discipline them when necessary to correct their bad behavior.

  3. When your cat gets overly rough, he could become harmful to your household members. Make sure you make a gesture signifying that you are not happy with the way he is acting.  Although he might just be in a playful mood, make sure he knows that he needs to tone down his acts. Most cats recognize their caretaker’s authority.

  4. When your cat tends to scratch surfaces, causing damage to furniture, wrap that surface with aluminum foil. When cats scratch this, they will not like the sound it produces and will refrain from doing it again. In case he does it again, raise your voice, calling his name, as if you are reprimanding a child. Cats are sensitive to emotions and they will pick up the anger and authority in your voice.

  5. A reward system is very useful in imposing discipline. When your cat misbehaves, reprimand him in a louder than usual voice. When the cat notices you are not happy with what he is doing, he will stop. Now it is time to provide a reward, like giving him a treat or petting him on the back.  This way, the tension between you is erased.

Knowing how to modify cat behavior is not easy. It takes a lot of effort for you to make sure you are not misunderstood. When you discipline the cat, make sure it is understood that it is because your pet did something nasty; it does not mean you want to be cruel or hurt him. Enjoy your pet, especially during play time, but never spoil him as this will make him hard to deal with later.


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