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how to organize your desk

how to organize your desk

The correct approach on how to organize your desk is an important office practice that must be learned in order to be an efficient office worker. Well-organized office workers are those who are systematic in their dealings with their office work. They are efficient in the sense that they can get the job done right without spending much time on it. They are systematic in the sense that they perform their work in a methodological manner. If you are both efficient and systematic in your daily task, you are likely to keep your job. In many private firms and even in some government institutions, especially in industrialized, rich, and well-developed states, they always look at the efficiency of their workers and employees. One way to promote efficiency in the office is to have clean desk. It should be your haven of comfort away from home and not a source of stress. The following are few tips on how to arrange your desk.

  1. Clean your desk. Only keep items that are useful. Throw away any old, broken, or never used items. Those that are less useful or not often used should be kept in your drawers.

  2. Sort everything and classify according to priority. By sorting your office documents and papers, you will find out those which are still useful and those that can be trashed. Likewise, in classifying things according to priority, you ensure that you get tasks done on time without time looking for the necessary documents.

  3. Have an inbox, outbox, and pending paper rack. Using paper rack is one way of organizing the papers and documents on your desk. By simply looking at their placement, you can easily prioritize what to do first and those that require immediate attention.

  4. Have a filing cabinet. Your office desk should not be your mini library, and its drawers are not your storage area. Have a sturdy filing cabinet so you can keep all your paperwork intact and organized in one place. Furthermore, for easily find a file; it is best to categorize them. The categorization may be done with color coding and proper labels.

  5. Put pens and pencils in open cases. Inside an office, pens and pencils are commonly seen because they are indispensable. Though they are indispensable, they too can add to a mess, especially when they are not properly organized. Use cases or cups to hold them all in one place and make them easily accessible when needed.

  6. Do not put your office computer or typewriter on your desk. They take up space and add to messiness because of cable connections and other attachments. Have a separate computer stand or table where you can place your computer.

These are just the few things to help you figure out how to organize your desk. Remember, an organized desk can promote efficiency inside the office. Get organized and start with your own desk.  


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